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Increase in the number of issues seen on LCD Screens
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In general I feel like seeing the LCD screen fail isn't normally a very common problem and in the last 2 weeks we have seen 4 RMA's created for issues with LCD screens that seem to malfunctions of the screens themselves. I have included the specific information about each of the failures we have seen so far.

RMA 1: LCD just stopped displaying anything, we verified the fuses were good and checked wiring so this looks like possibly a faulty LCD. This one is coming back so we will be able to confirm if the LCD is the root of the issue. (ID: 190,246)

RMA 2: LCD Screen had a line through upper portion of screen where nothing would show up. It sort of looks like it was damaged causing that area to not be able to project anymore, but it could also be a glitch. (ID: 199,310)

RMA 3: LCD Screen was functional for a while but over time the display started to fade, it is now totally blank but if the knob is used it still responds with the normal sounds like it is functional. (ID: 197,860)

RMA 4: LCD Screen will flicker rapidly between screens until the knob is clicked to pull up the menu, then it will behave normally until the knob is clicked again at which point it goes right back to switching between screens in a very glitchy manner. (ID: 199,728)

This ticket is to get it on peoples radar so we can try to keep an eye out and see if this is a manufacturing issue of some sort.

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We did recently switch to a new supplier for the LCDs, so we should probably start with determining if these were from the new or old supplier. Do we have serial numbers for these machines in order to determine that?

We sure do!

@bowman do you have the serial number of the printer where we switched from RRD to ultimachine?

@adam it was at s/n KT-PR0041NA-31341 when we started.

We had another RMA for an LCD screen issue come through, serial number: KT-PR0041EU-28127
It seems like most of these are from RRD. I will continue to update as I see them.

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Redgum will be built with Ultimachine LCDs so I don't forsee this being an issue for Workhorse and have removed the redgum project from this ticket.