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Windows 7 Connection
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We have had multiple reports of Windows 7 being unable to connect to our printers. Checking the log, it shows that Cura is attempting to connect to a port that is not available in the port selection dropdown.

This is documented on T1250 T6652 and T6646

@victor_larchenko Please check into this, and let us know if you need any further information.

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@karrad Tried to reproduce this issue, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Used windows 7 on virtual machine hosted on ubuntu and taz 7 motherboard. Alse changed COM ports numbers for printer(3-256).
Can you please post log file and maybe some remarks on how to reproduce this?

@victor_larchenko These reports have been on 3.6.3 connecting to the RAMBO boards included on the TAZ 6 machines. Can you test on there? We will attempt to get some error logs for you today as well

@victor_larchenko any update on testing this issue with a RAMBO board? It would be either a TAZ 6, Mini, or Mini 2.

@Steven Tried to add some delays and disabled serial in firmware, to check if if printer issues, but this don't help. Only way that I was able to reproduce this when I disconnected usb cable from pc while connecting, so it looks like communication issues. Also sometimes I was seen that printer hangs on load, so may be that issues can be connected, but I not see it now while testing.

@karrad Any updates or logs?

@victor_larchenko No luck unfortunately, we are going to leave this one up to see if we get any more reports. 3.6.8 should be going out today

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Just tested connecting Taz Pro to WIndows 7 on 3.6.8 and still getting a "no printer connected" message but able to see the Taz Pro in Device Manager. Was able to connect to a regular Taz 6 and Mini with no issues.

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@victor_larchenko ,
Unassigned this ticket from you. It seems like we have multiple random reports of this happening. Like T7559 and T7449, so far we're sure that in case of T7449 it was permission problem. This problem also might be related to windows security updates.