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White screws
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These are screws that are on the frame that would need to be white

M3x6 FHCS x63
M3x8 BHCS x4
m3 washer x4
m3x25 FHCS x4

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west created this task.Apr 18 2019, 8:15 AM

@west Can you post a photo of the screws mentioned in RnD here?

karrad reassigned this task from karrad to jperry.Apr 18 2019, 10:39 AM
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@jperry these screws look to be just dipped in white paint. Can you look for other suppliers that carry white screws listed above? Ideally something that will be scratch/scrape resistant if at all possible.

As far as using a driver on the screws it is possible to tighten the screw without scratching the paint. The issue occurs if you do not perfectly align the hex shape of the driver with the hex shape of screw. When slightly misaligned the driver will spin into place and scrape paint off as shown in the photo below. This could be tough to maintain in production and will add to assembly time, but not impossible.

I'm going to attempt to making a nylon driver to see if that is feasible.

Hardware Specialty is looking into some different options and are going to send some samples next week.