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White screws
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These are screws that are on the frame that would need to be white

M3x6 FHCS x63
M3x8 BHCS x4
m3 washer x4
m3x25 FHCS x4

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west created this task.Apr 18 2019, 8:15 AM

@west Can you post a photo of the screws mentioned in RnD here?

karrad reassigned this task from karrad to jperry.Apr 18 2019, 10:39 AM
karrad added subscribers: jperry, karrad.

@jperry these screws look to be just dipped in white paint. Can you look for other suppliers that carry white screws listed above? Ideally something that will be scratch/scrape resistant if at all possible.

As far as using a driver on the screws it is possible to tighten the screw without scratching the paint. The issue occurs if you do not perfectly align the hex shape of the driver with the hex shape of screw. When slightly misaligned the driver will spin into place and scrape paint off as shown in the photo below. This could be tough to maintain in production and will add to assembly time, but not impossible.

I'm going to attempt to making a nylon driver to see if that is feasible.

Hardware Specialty is looking into some different options and are going to send some samples next week.

west added a comment.Jun 13 2019, 7:13 AM

Could we see if Specialty hardware can find the screws in blue dye. I think the only screws we are looking for are M3x6 FHCS and M3x8 BHCS

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Jun 13 2019, 7:39 AM

All of the printed parts will be in black, so the black screws should match with that. My concern about the blue screws is that it won't match the blue silk screen and we will have the issues with the color coming off as they are installed.

Lets see if we can get the blue and white screws in for visual comparison. We have the black screws on hand, we know what they look like, and is our current fall back option.

@Greggb and @DRobertson Would really like to use the white screws, but if we cannot source them the blue screws may be better than the black.

Only thing about the blue screws are they aren't going to match the blue from the lago. They will be the blue screws that we currently use to attach the Mini 2 and TAZ Pro tool heads.

DaniAO added a comment.Jul 3 2019, 3:18 PM

@jperry can you get the frame hardware in stainless steel and the blue?

We are going to out together a machine with each color along with the black to see which looks better.

@jperry any update on these screws?

I found the following items through McMaster-Carr. I'm having Hardware Specialties quote both stainless steel and blue-dyed versions.

HD-WA0038: Stainless Steel (93475A210) = $0.0162 each

HD-BT0137: Stainless Steel (92095A181) = $0.0937
HD-BT0137: Blue-Dyed (91352A111) = $0.1848

HD-BT0128: Stainless Steel (92125a126) = $0.045

HD-BT0135: Stainless Steel (92125a138) = $0.115

Here are the updated quotes for the Blue-Dyed version of the hardware. Lead times on these parts is 5 weeks. Total cost of the Blue-Dyed parts is $4.96 while stainless steel total cost is $1.076.

HD-BT0137: $0.31 each

HD-BT0128: $0.30 each

HD-BT0135: $0.33 each

HD-WA0038: $0.30 each

@Greggb I don't think we can wait the 5 weeks for the blue screws, nor is the cost worth it.

@jperry when do we thing we will see the stainless steel screws?


@DaniAO I have not ordered any samples yet. Stainless steel versions are 2 week lead time from Hardware Specialty and 1 day from Mcmaster-Carr.

I've created the following part numbers for the stainless steel hardware.

HD-BT0251: 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex FHCS, M3 x 0.5mm Thread, 6mm Long

HD-BT0252: 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex BHCS, M3 x 0.5mm Thread, 8mm Long

HD-BT0253: 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex FHCS, M3 x 0.5mm Thread, 25mm Long

HD-WA0050: 18-8 Stainless Steel Washer, M3, 3.2mm ID, 7mm OD

I have these screws on my desk for when we go to build Alphas. We will build one up with the stainless steel and the rest with black.

@DaniAO @cmerot

If we are using these screws on alphas than this will be a big difference on the Mini2 final frame and frame assembly and we will not be able to use those assemblies due to wrong part numbers. So the one that will be built with the stainless steel screws cannot be built using the same MO process and inventory (@tomc) will need to adjust those for affected assemblies.

DaniAO added a comment.Aug 1 2019, 8:50 AM

@oliver yes I am aware of this and this is something that we are working through. no desicions have been made to what the screws will be yet.

DaniAO closed this task as Wontfix.Mon, Aug 26, 7:45 AM

We have determines that white screws won't work for this