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TAZ 6 Dual extruder Nozzle Numbers.
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There is a very confusing part in the OHAI LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head v2 Installation LulzBot TAZ 6 Workflow. In steps 18- 20 when it talks to the E step adjustment. It refers to the nozzles to T0 and T1 but on the actual machine they are labeled 1 and 2. Both us and a lot of customers get really confused and frustrated with this. Our this is if there is anyway you could change the Firmware to reflect what the guide says.

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So just a bit of clarification because I was talking with Robert and I see this issue as well. For the Dual extruder:

The commands to switch back and forth are T0 and T1 <( I have no idea why it is making that a link)
The Esteps we include with the dual extruder (the sticker) are Extruder 0 and Extruder 1

But the LCD screen displays the Esteps as Esteps1 and Esteps2, it displayes the nozzles as nozzle 1 and Nozzle 2.

So customers just don't know which Esteps goes to which toolhead, They think that 1 (from 0 1), equates to 1 (in 1 2).

The Taz 5 displays the Esteps as "Esteps and E1steps" which we never get calls about.

That makes good sense and a bit more helpful for the customer. I added the recommendation to steps 20C and 20D

Use the control knob on the Graphical LCD controller to adjust the value. (using the E0 value you recorded in step 11)


I would call this one closed.

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