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White stress marks in plastic on USB bezel
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The USB bezels all have a white stress mark on the top edge, looks like the edge of the first layer.
Ia this acceptable? They all have it and we've seen it there before. @west and @DaniAO saw it today and asked about it. is this acceptable for this part? Or does it need re-sliced or post processed?

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paulette created this task.Tue, Apr 23, 4:01 PM

@paulette @DaniAO @west This part had issues printing without a brim when attempting to produce multiple parts, a heat gun can be used to remove the white line if it is determined to be unacceptable; however, this will introduce room for human error while post processing.

Alternatively, I believe @mbloom found a solution by adding some built in support material that allows the smaller feet to bridge the gap in between parts to prevent the high fallout we see when the part is printing the first 20 layers or so. I am attaching a stl with the modification that was shown to me.

west added a comment.Wed, Apr 24, 7:39 AM

@EricNugent is there a freecad file associated with that change? I noticed it yesterday but if everyone is okay with the white, we can close this as wontfix

@west currently I do not have a FreeCad fix. That one was thrown together quick and dirty with Blender so the user will need to uncheck Union Overlapping Volumes in cura for it to act as the removable support. I can see if @mbloom has a file but due to schedule differences we might not get an answer until Monday.

Another question about these is a lot of them have a lip all the way around where the brim has been broken off. Is this acceptable visually?

west added a comment.Wed, Apr 24, 4:48 PM

@EricNugent would something like this work? It would reduce the lip on the bezel so it wouldnt interfere with how it sits on the chassis

@west I think something like that will work fine, as long as the first layer is connecting the islands they should have the support needed to be able to print safely.

zachah added a subscriber: zachah.Fri, May 10, 8:10 AM

Would you be able to increase the thickness of the new built in support? I got the part printing well now but I feel like it would print more reliably or we would be able to get more on the bed at once if the support was 1-2 layers thicker