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3.6.xx Manual Feedback
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Please note any feedback about the TAZ Pro and 3.6.xx Cura manual here.

EDIT - Sorry all, as of the 4-30-19 version I am only through page 60 of updates. Everything past that point will be the old 21.08 manual.

Needs Done
Set up begin and end to each subsection: \begin{section}{blah blah}..... \end{section}

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Page 47- still references TAZ 6

karrad updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 26 2019, 9:03 AM

I found what I believe are two typos that could use to be fixed:

  1. 2.8 Quality Tab Settings

Typo (?) *modify and adjust, currently says modify and just.

  1. Top Surface Skin Layer

Typo *top surface skin, currently says sking

Also for the Custom Supports/Support Blocker, we may want to expound more on these directions. Neither me nor Jeff was able to successfully place a support that reached all the way to the build platform with the directions provided. We could only get a very small start of a support.

Suggestion for addition to Custom Supports/Support Blocker section, after the sentence "These blocks will either generate support in just that area, or prevent automatic support from being generated in that area depending on the chosen option.""
(Please note that when working with the custom supports the blocks that are created won't extend all the way down to the build platform. This is normal, as long as you see the visible block connected to your model then the support was placed.)

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4.3 Z-Axis Lead Screws
If Z-axis movement isn’t smooth you may want to wipe down the threaded
rods with a lithium-based grease

No leadscrews in Pro anymore, I think should be removed.


Section doesn't mention Z belt.

4.9 Bed Leveling Washers

Section on maintenance should probably mention the calibration cube too.

5.2 Changing nozzles

Talks about buying replacement nozzles, which is ancient news. Should mention replacement toolheads.

The thermistor reading has gone above the maximum temperature set in
the firmware (300°C for the TAZ and Mini and most tool heads).

Maybe just mention Pro? idk.

Versioning number on copyright page reads: "6.0-20190430". The "6.0" is from the TAZ 6. Prehaps it should be like "Pro-20190430".

For me, the table of contents isn't being generated. I've done multiple passes, as LaTeX requires. I'm just getting a page headed "Contents" with nothing below it.

Do we have all the regulatory statements included? I see FCC, Canada, and Australia on page vii-viii. Are there others? What about UL?

On p.12 we list Mattercontrol for alternate software. Is this free software? Is it still maintained?

karrad added a subscriber: Orias.Apr 30 2019, 12:25 PM

Strike "We usually use 6kg - 10kg of filament when developing these profile settings." It isn't relevant to the manual (but a nice anecdote). Not sure how accurate that is nowadays either. @matth and I alone have gone thru that much....

P.21 "Per Model Settings" has some backwards quotes. In LaTeX initial quotes have to be a backtick (or two):


Table on page 33 runs off edge of page.

Also some quotes that need to be changed to ` in "Backlash Fading Distance" section ”999999”.

P.63 "Printing With the Graphical LCD Controller" has TAZ 6 LCD.

Should have section on troubleshooting filament runout. Should mention can be disabled by setting it to "0".

P.84 Mentions Hexagon hotend, old.

Bill of materials including every part needed to build the printer.
– LulzBot Hexagon Hot End

Step 6.1 on page 33

The box around the monitor button is the same green as everything else in the picture and isn't easily noticed at a glance. Maybe change to black.

Step 6.3 on page 35

Picture is outdated. Needs a new pic with the shortened tubes.

karrad added a comment.May 1 2019, 5:04 PM

@matth Can you build from the latest source, and double check those photos? I have added a lot of feedback, and I am not seeing anything like you describe near those pages.

All feedback incorporated minus the following items:

T7019 - Update Regulatory Statements
T7018 - Add relative Z nozzle offset directions
T7017 - Update LCD map for TAZ Pro
T7016 - Fix Table of Contents.

A fresh build as of 5/1/19 in the PM should produce a 109 page manual.

matth added a comment.May 2 2019, 1:30 PM

I was looking at the manual from here, updated 4/23. (I don't have access to sharej.)

karrad added a comment.May 2 2019, 1:37 PM

@matth Ahh thanks! That one will actually be the QSG, but it explains why I was lost by your descriptions =) You can post QSG feedback on T5600

johnson added a subscriber: johnson.May 4 2019, 4:03 PM

I was looking at section 1.3 about scaling:

If an .STL/.OBJ with inches as units is loaded into
Cura, the model will be scaled much smaller than expected. You can scale
the model by 25.40 to compensate.

In 21.08 scaling used a decimal system. In the latest version of Cura, scaling is done in percentages. Needs to be changed to 2540?

Section 2.6 Removing Your First Print

"Once your heated bed has cooled, use the blue handled knife that was
included with your toolkit to remove the item. Carefully insert the blade
of the knife between your print and heated bed. Once underneath the part
rotate the blade lifting with the sharp edge into the part, to gently pop the
piece off your plate."

I think we need to change this. If there is damage to the PEI sheet, leading to bubbling, we usually don't cover this.

Here in tech support we advise our customers to use a 2.5 in. putty knife, beveled on one side and then tap through the apart until the print detaches. Option 2 would be to omit the word, "lifting".

Minimum Wall Flow P 41.

After activating compensation for inner and/our outer wall overlap, a
minimum wall flow percentage setting will appear. This sets a minimum

Should be and/or

Bottom of Page 46:

• Gyroid generates a wave pattern that rotates rotates along your inner
walls as your object builds up. This generates 3 dimensional shapes
for increased strength, while being very pleasing aesthetically.

Delete the extra word "rotate"

P. 47

Infill Offset Directions
This can be helpful if you have a small part, and would
like to ensure infill is centered in that section.

Delete comma

Infill Line Multiplier
This option will multiple how many infill lines are generated internally. By
default your infill will generate one line, multiplying this by 2 will make it
2 lines, side by side, in the same pattern.

This option will multiply how many infill lines are generated internally. By default, your infill will generate one line. Multiplying this by 2 will make two lines - side by side - in the same pattern.

Infill and Skin Overlap Percentage
You can define each section by nozzle percentage overlap, or by a specific distance.

Change to Nozzle Overlap and Delete comma between "overlap" and "or".