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Determine prints required for product page photos
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If there are specific prints you would like for the redgum product page, post links and/or models here. We will need to print these during alpha and beta stage

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@eBeardslee We will want your input here as well

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@Greggb @cathryn @JFink Please be thinking about which models would be good as redgum prints for collateral/ads/shows/etc.

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I have a few thoughts on this:

  • The vase that was printed is great for showing layer lines. I can set that up as a shot of the full print with a callout of a macro shot of the individual layers to show how clean and precise they are.
  • I have a set of fixtures that look great on the bed, fill the build area and add motion; they speak to the professional uses.
  • A picture of the Thirsty Octopus cracking open a "Cold One" Brand Open Source Bottled Adult Beverage (COBOSBAB) would grab attention.

Photos have been taken and product page is up. Closing ticket.

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