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Dual Extruder v3 prime tower off printer bed when extruder 2 is selected
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While smoke testing 3.6.7 on Windows 10 connected to Taz 6 with Dual v3 extruder.
Any time I highlight an object and select "Extruder 2" CuraLE is failing to slice because prime tower is off the print area.

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Yahuba created this task.Apr 29 2019, 1:08 PM

Verified that this is also happening in Windows 7 and I tested it with all dual extruder settings and this is only happening with Dual Extruder v3. I tested with Dual v.2, Flexy-Dually and Taz Pro and this was not an issue.

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anolen added a subscriber: anolen.EditedApr 30 2019, 2:19 PM

@Yahuba , Can you click on the "custom" selection instead of "recommended" and post what it says under the setting subheading "Dual Extrusion"? I would like to see if, in windows, it is pulling out of date info for the "recommended" settings. If you select the same profile quality in "custom" but it moves your tower position, then it is pulling bad info.

I tried to recreate it here but realized that our "recommended" settings don't actually include a prime tower being set to default, did you change settings and then go back to the "recommend" option or was this straight from start up?

SCRATCH THAT! I had the wrong material selected. it looks like I CAN recreate this. Im not sure what happening here but I will check out the settings and get them updated if needed.

Looks like settings need an update, not sure if this is something we missed a while back or something we accidentally updated inaccurately.
@karrad can we do a mass update to the Dual V3 settings for all materials?


Circular Prime Tower = YES
Prime Tower Size = 15mm
Prime Tower Minimum Volume = 10mm3
Prime Tower X location = 255
Prime Tower Y Location = 240
Prime Tower Flow = 105%
Wipe Inactive Nozzle... = YES

Yahuba added a comment.May 2 2019, 1:28 PM

Re-tested this on the 3.6.8 build and still same issue but slightly different:
This time, you can load two objects and select extruder 2 which loads the prime tower in the display within the print range. However, if you change the quality of the print from its default value, it moves the prime tower out of the print area again and fails to slice.

Yahuba added a comment.May 3 2019, 8:14 AM

Just a quick update: failed to say in my previous comment, I ran into the issue in both Win 7 and Win 10. The scenario described in my last post was in Windows 7.
When I replicated this in Windows 10, it was as first described where just selecting Extruder 2 creates the prime tower fail error.

karrad added a subscriber: victor_larchenko.

From @victor_larchenko on T7000

Prime tower location is varying depending on model, so I'm not sure this should be set in profile. If we want to change location for all profiles for one printer, best way to do it is override it in printer settings file.

alexei added a subscriber: alexei.Jun 6 2019, 12:29 PM

@karrad , @anolen : What is the status of this? Can it be closed as resolved?

Was just able to replicate this in Win 7 connected to taz 6 with dual v3 extruder while smoke testing 3.6.11

bmh added a subscriber: bmh.Jun 21 2019, 1:39 PM

Replicated in Win 10 w/Taz 6 Dual v3 using 3.6.11

Yahuba added a comment.EditedJul 10 2019, 2:17 PM

While testing 3.6.14 found a slight difference in this bug in Windows 7.
In Win 10, just selecting extruder 2 automatically places wipe tower out of print zone.
However in Win 7, selecting the extruder 2 keeps the wipe tower within the print zone, but then if you change the profile from its current setting to any of the other settings, the the wipe tower moves outside of the print zone. Subsequently, trying to switch profile back to its original state or any other profile does not correct the problem.

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@alexei These should no longer be throwing errors when activated, I removed X position of 255 and updated to 235.

Should be good for review and merge.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jul 26 2019, 7:32 AM

Merged to master.

karrad added a comment.EditedJul 29 2019, 10:33 AM

@Yahuba I was able to update 114 of the 126 profiles, the remaining 12 should be within limits. If you see this again, please note the material and quality setting that is having an issue.

I have only seen this with Polylite PLA because those are the spools that I usually use on this machine. Will run through all the filaments on the 3.6.17 smoke test and come up with a list of any that are still causing this issue.

Thanks for double checking! I moved all of those into a 235 position for X which should be good for build volume here:

Yahuba added a comment.EditedJul 29 2019, 3:15 PM

Retested in 3.6.17 using Taz 6 with Dual v3 extruder on a Windows 10 machine. I went through every material and profile available for each material. In every case I had a prime tower that was outside of the print area. The available materials on the list were:
ABS (Chroma Strand Labs)
ABS (Village Plastics)
Alloy 910 (Taulman)
Bridge Nylon (Taulman)
HIPS (Village Plastics)
PCTPE (Taulman)
PLA (verbatim)
PLA (Village Plastics)
PolyDisolve S1
PolyLite PLA

Here is an example screenshot and log:

@karrad - per your request, the prime tower positions on this test were:
X = 273 mm
Y = 258 mm

Retested in Windows 7 more extensively using 3.6.17 on Taz 6 with Dual v3. I recorded the Prime tower positions for each material and profile combination. As originally reported, when I first load an object to build plate and select extruder 2, the prime tower is within the print area. As soon as I change the profile, the prime tower moves out of the print area and even if I change the profile back to its original state, the prime tower remains outside of the print area.

ABS (Chroma Strand Labs) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
ABS (IC3D) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
ABS (Village Plastics) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
Alloy 910 (Taulman) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
Bridge Nylon (Taulman) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles except for Standard: X=269.8 | Y=244.8
HIPS (Village Plastics) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
PCTPE (Taulman) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
PLA (verbatim) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
PLA (Village Plastics) - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
PVA - X=274.8 | Y=249.8 in all profiles
PolyDisolve S1 - X=269.8 | Y=244.8 in all profiles
PolyLite PLA - X=273 | Y=258 in all profiles