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x lower bearing holder interference on bearing
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@west When the bushing is pushed in all the way for the correct retaining ring orientation, there is interference with the bushing stop in the printed part. I have attached an image of the interference.
We can get an assembly that works, but this has greatly increased x carriage drag on some machines. I believe we can roll in a correction for this issue as the assembly is still working in most cases.

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tutley created this task.Mon, Apr 29, 1:09 PM
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@tutley @west We will need to do a change order to update this on Quivers.

west added a comment.Mon, Apr 29, 2:03 PM

If we change to 12mm bushing retaining ring to be shorter by .75mm it will fit nice

west added a comment.Mon, Apr 29, 2:07 PM

or we can make the divider piece smaller and keep the retaining ring the same

west added a comment.Mon, Apr 29, 2:11 PM

or add a chamfer to the id of the retaining ring to accept the end of the bushing

@west the x double bearing holder would also need to be evaluated with the retaining ring adjustment. I am sure it would be fine though.

@EricNugent @west How long would you like to test this? (needed for change order)

Also, will there be an OHAI or the GP reference list that will need to be updated at all? Or any other documents?

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west added a comment.Mon, Apr 29, 2:46 PM

The gp reference list will need to have a new image, and weight. On the ohai, it might be a subtle enough change where you cant tell the difference between the old in new

Change order has been started T6936

all OHAI's will need to be updated with the actual positioning and any changes made to the procedure so that any tech that needs to build a part will have clear instructions.

@david.hall the positioning will remain the same. I do not think an OHAI update will be necessary as the part will look the same externally as it does now. If there is further confusion with the part orientation or if you or your technicians need more training on this process we can help where we can.

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