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Cannot Update Created Profiles
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Cura will now let me create a new profiles but will not let me update any settings. I change the setting and then when I hit "Update" all the changed settings revert to the old stock profile that was originally selected.

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anolen created this task.Tue, Apr 30, 1:44 PM
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Confirmed on multiple materials for Taz Pro

I was able to update printing temperatures on one of my created profiles. I am unable to update the layer height and support settings, those two are shared between nozzle. There could be an issue with the shared settings. When trying to updated settings I did make sure both nozzles had the newly created profile selected before I tired to update and it did not help the shared settings.

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karrad added a subscriber: victor_larchenko.

@victor_larchenko It looks to be tied to the empty container stack as well. Checking the logs:

2019-05-01 08:44:02,504 - WARNING - [(140139629930240)-Thread-2] UM.OutputDevice.OutputDeviceManager.removeOutputDevice [126]: Could not find output device with id Autodetect to remove
2019-05-01 08:44:06,927 - ERROR - [(140140498583168)-MainThread] UM.Settings.ContainerRegistry.setProperty [663]: Setting property layer_height_0 of container empty which should remain empty
2019-05-01 08:44:08,023 - DEBUG - [(140140498583168)-MainThread] cura.Settings.MachineManager._checkStacksHaveErrors [485]: Checking 3 stacks for errors took 0.78 s
anolen added a comment.Thu, May 2, 2:36 PM

Update about 3.6.9:
I am now able to Create new profiles and Update most profile settings. Thank you!!

I am still unable to update:
Support Settings inside the "Support" section, including turning them on or off. I am, however, able to update support speed settings and those remain adjusted when I turn "support" back on to check them.
Dual Extrusion > prime tower X and Y positions. Just the location positions.

Thus far that is all I can find that will not update.

@karrad @anolen Settings listed above doesn't have resolve functions, so their value stores only in global stack(empty now). So we need to create this functions in fdmprinter.json file

@karrad @anolen Fixed support setting. Prime tower position now automatically generates from other adhesion and size settings, so we can't easily change resolve setting for this. Also there can be problem if using average value for this settings. Prime tower location is varying depending on model, so I'm not sure this should be set in profile. If we want to change location for all profiles for one printer, best way to do it is override it in printer settings file.

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Thu, May 9, 1:32 PM

@victor_larchenko Thanks this is looking good on our end, I am going to post your suggestion about prime tower location on T6932

anolen added a comment.EditedTue, May 14, 8:38 AM

I am still unable to Edit these settings on 3.6.10:

Support Extruder (all drop down selections)
Support Infill Layer Thickness
Prime Tower X Position
Prime Tower Y Postion
Build Plate Adhesion Extruder

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@anolen @karrad All settings above missing resolve functions. Fixed "Support infill layer thickness", but not sure which functions to use in all other cases.
For prime tower position possible solutions is (min, max, avg) of extruders, but in all cases resulting position may be not perfect(for example if T0 profile will set prime tower in front left corner and T1 will set rear right corner the resulting position will be in center of buildplate)
The same problem with settings for extruder properties, but in this case min, max or avg will not work, don't know how to fix this settings at all in current situation.
Maybe you have any suggestions?