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test v3 dual
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Test the v3 duel and post findings here

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west created this task.May 2 2019, 4:08 PM
Steven moved this task from Concept Development to Beta on the Redgum board.May 20 2019, 8:21 AM
west added a comment.May 28 2019, 7:36 AM

Printed this die pretty well

@west That is a fine looking print, what profiles did you incorporate?

west added a comment.May 28 2019, 10:07 AM

E1 and E2 polylite profiles that were already in Cura for taz 6 dual

@guadalupe @draubach can we get 3 more of the [EL-HR0187] TAZ Extruder Extension v4.0 that you made for Logan in MER? We will need these to test the Dual v3 on Workhorse. We will also need 3 [EL-HR0186] Dual V3 Adapter Harness. Cable drawings are in the repo, please let me know if you need help accessing them.
@west do you have 3 of the printed mounts?

adam added a subscriber: logan.Mon, Jun 24, 12:44 PM

@logan the correct crimping tool did not get moved to Rockies and I'm told that it is now in MER, can you make sure at least of of those crimping tools gets transferred back over to Rockies in order to rework EL-HR0060 into the new EL-HR0187 for the adapter retail kit?

logan added a comment.Mon, Jun 24, 2:24 PM

@adam I have 2 printed mounts on my desk, need inserts in them but that can be done quick.
Also, the above comment has been taken care of, they should have everything needed for the reworks.

karrad reassigned this task from karrad to nathan.Thu, Jun 27, 8:41 AM
karrad added a subscriber: karrad.

I was trying to install the mount on our workhorse, and it looks like there is a part that is interfering with the mount. Pics attached.

Not sure if the one that I have is an old revision, or if others are seeing this too.

draubach removed a subscriber: draubach.Thu, Jun 27, 9:03 AM
logan added a comment.Thu, Jun 27, 9:07 AM

Looks like the mount was designed against a carriage that didn't have that feature, from the FreeCAD file:

nathan added a comment.Mon, Jul 1, 7:55 AM

Was able to get a modified mount, so the tool head is able to rest well on the printer without any wobble. I was able to do a print with it, a PLA/PLA Moai head that came out rather well.

There is an extremely tight tolerance with the frame of the printer, but not something that I have run into an issue with, but it may cause some concern with customers on first install.

When I was first installing it, I wired it similarly to how the Taz 6 was wired, with the additional harness attaching to the E1 side, and the default harness to the E2 side, but on redgum, it is swapped around, so we will need to make that clear in the documentation that there is a difference there.

I'll do a few more tests through the day, and post what I find.

nathan added a comment.Mon, Jul 1, 8:14 AM

Doing the backlash calibration, it looks like the two hot ends are interfering with each other, causing the results to be either very skewed, or just cause the process to outright fail.

adam added a subscriber: marcio.Mon, Jul 1, 8:23 AM

We were warned about this and so backlash compensation will not be available for the dual on this machine.
@marcio is it possible to modify the backlash routine to account for both nozzles (using one nozzle of one side and the other nozzle for the other perhaps) or removing the backlash compensation from the menu in dual v3 firmware?

@adam: I can remove the backlash compensation from the menu.

adam added a comment.Mon, Jul 1, 12:56 PM

@marcio let's go ahead a remove it from the menu.

marcio added a comment.Mon, Jul 1, 2:27 PM

@adam: Correction, I will remove the "Auto calibration" option, but I will leave the "Backlash Compensation" option for people who want to dial those values in manually.

Doing a few prints with ABS, I have found that the print speeds are a bit fast, and lowering those by 10mm/s on print, infill, and wall speeds got much better results.


A good print with ABS and t-glase. I forgot to enable the prime tower or ooze shield, so there are some messy transfer points on the print.