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Add Note about Bed Sag on TAZ 5 to TAZ Modular Print Bed Heater Page
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I think it would be a good idea to let people know before they purchase the Modular Bed for their TAZ 5 that there is potential for them to see some sagging of the heater. We have had a few customer who upon hearing that this is something we were aware of get very mad that there wasn't a notice to make people aware.

Example Photo of Heater Sag:

Thermal Imaging Photo of Bed with Sag:

Thermal Imaging Photo of Bed using Bed Post:

It might also be nice to add a link to the bed post in the Resources and Documentation section of the parts page. (If we did this we would need to add a note letting people know that this print should be printed in flexible material, and that if they don't have the necessary toolhead for printing flexible filament to contact TS so we can send out the post)

Link to current location of bed post:

Let me know if there is any additional info I can provide to help this along. Thanks!

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