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Build Plate Adhesion Type always set to "Skirt" on start up
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Cura LE Version: 3.6.3

Operating System: Windows 10

Printer: Taz 6

Tool Head: SL 0.25mm

Description of issue: If Cura is started and the last loaded profile has a "Build Plate Adhesion Type" of anything other than "skirt" it will load it with "skirt" selected anyway. I have tried with simply by taking the "High Detail" profile supplied by you folks. Changed the build plate adhesion type to brim, raft and none, saved the changes to the profile, close Cura down, restart Cura and skirt will be selected.

Note that it will remember the setting if I change profiles to the one without skirt selected after Cura has started so this seems to only be an issue upon starting Cura.

This does not seem to happen with any other settings, although its possible I simply haven't hit another one yet where this happens. I do however have a couple of profiles where I almost always use a brim and so have it as the default and I have to always remember to check to make sure that it is selected after starting Cura. Kinda annoying. :)

Steps to reproduce: See above.

Upload cura-lulzbot.log (attachment) :

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@victor_larchenko I was able to test this on 6.6.9 local build, and does look to be an issue with recommended settings. Mini 2 SL tool head, I generated this profile:

When first starting Cura after generating that profile, it will not update the be adhesion in recommended settings. After switching to custom settings and clearing changes, it will show brim on bed adhesion:

But if you switch back to recommended settings it will show skirt for bed adhesion:

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@victor_larchenko ,
We suspect these 2 commits were causing problems for us in T7296.
Please don't forget to commit to corresponding ticket branch, instead of directly to master

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@victor_larchenko It looks like Cura Engine is behaving properly, it is just the display on recommended settings that is still showing skirt.

Steps to duplicate.

  1. Clear cache
  2. lauch LE, and load TAZ 6 SL tool head
  3. load attached .curaprofile and select in recommended settings (polylite PLA)
  4. Check layer view

Expected results
1.) "brim" is showing in adhesion type with brim on the model

Actual results
1.) Skirt is showing in adhesion type while brim is on the model

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@victor_larchenko ,

Thanks, I tested that it's working and merged the branch to the master.