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Regular/Maximum Fan Speed Threshold
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Wont let you slice a part unless this set to the same value as Minimum Layer Time. Minimum Layer time differs for most of the profiles. Many of the profiles need this value to be changed, the first ones I found are abs village and pla village.

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Yahuba added a subscriber: Yahuba.Feb 2 2018, 12:27 PM

Running into an issue while testing 2.6.68 on Ubuntu Zesty using Flexy-Dually v2 extruder. Kept getting error: "Unable to slice due to current settings. The following settings have errors: Maximum Fan Speed". When I looked into cooling settings, noticed that Regular Fan speed was set to 80% while Max Fan Speed was defaulted to a lower value (60%).

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@Yahuba , Is this still an issue with 2.6.69?

@alexei I have not run into this issue in 2.6.69 and completed testing in Ubuntu Xenial and Zesty.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Feb 12 2018, 2:42 PM

@Yahuba , closing this one then.

I just had this problem surface again while testing 3.2.11 on Ubuntu Zesty with Taz 6 - Dual Flexy v2 Extruder.

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karrad claimed this task.Mar 19 2018, 1:51 PM

@Yahuba What profiles were you using, or does it appear to be pretty much universal?

Sorry I missed this one. To answer your previous question, we are just seeing it with Flexy Dually V2.
Just happened again this time in Ubuntu Xenial while testing 3.2.14 - Flexy Dually V2 on Taz 6.
Extruder 1 - Standard / PLA (Verbatim)
Extruder 2 - Standard / NinjaFlex

We are also noticing that not all profiles are available in the drop down list depending on what you choose for a filament. For example, if I choose PLA (Verbatim), the only profile available is "Standard". If you pick Ninjaflex, all the profiles are available. We are also noticing that the material list is a lot shorter than usual (see attached screenshot and sorry for the cellphone pic but Ubuntu wouldn't let me take a screenshot with a dropdown box expanded). Is this normal?

Noticed one more thing. When you select NinjaFlex, the Profile switches to High Detail and slices successfully. However, if you change the profile to High Speed or Standard, it fails to slice due to the max fan speed issue. Change it back to High Detail and it slices successfully.

@Yahuba It looks like we had verbatim Minimum speed set to 80, and max set to 50. I am unable to duplicate the issue with switching back and forth on the Ninjaflex after the fix, so I believe that one got it sorted. If you can, please try bumping the verbatim max speed to 100% and see if it sorts Ninjaflex quality switch

Oh, as for the lack of other materials this one is intentional. When we first released the v2 dual extruders there were limited materials that we considered supported. The v3 dual extruder was designed to work just like a single tool head, so we brought in all the other single headed profiles.

@karrad even after raising max fan speed to 100% on verbatim, I am only able to get NinjaFlex to slice in the High Detail profile setting

@Yahuba What are the fan speed settings for the high speed and standard? Looking into the quality profiles they don't appear to be in conflict, are there any other warnings?

Max 50
Standard 35

High Speed:
Max 50
Standard 35

High Detail:
Max 100
Standard 60

@nickp Can you try to duplicate this issue on TAZ 6 v2 flexydually? I cannot duplicate after updating verbatim profiles.

The model sliced fine for me. Before and after the temp change.

With the issues we have been having with dual slicing, going to leave this open to re-check after that is sorted

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Apr 13 2018, 2:42 PM

This issue just resurface while testing 3.2.18 with a Flexy-Dually toolhead on an Ubuntu 17.10 system. Unable to slice a print job because the fan speed presets were set to:
Regular Fan Speed: 80%
Max Fan Speed: 50%

Once you bump Max Fan speed over 80%, object is able to slice.

@Yahuba What material and profile did you need to adjust?

Extruder 1 / Standard

karrad added a comment.EditedApr 23 2018, 12:38 PM

@Yahuba Can you double check the material? I thought we had all these sorted, but Just found an issue with TAZ 5 MOAR pop up in the field T2406

OK, just attempted replicate it a few more times and sometimes it happens and others it does not. I was able to get the error when I changed the Extruder 2 filament to Ninjaflex (NinjaTech)/standard at one point, then I tried it again after playing around with filament options and it worked. I was just able to replicate it on our Mac system. Here is the log from our Mac system:

Switching filament to Ninjaflex seems to be the trigger for it, but its not always happening. I have been able to replicate it using different .stl files, so I don't think that is what is causing it.

@Yahuba It looks like I was able to duplicate it. ABS on Extruder 1 (std) followed by NinjaTek on Extruder 2 (standard)

It looks like it is pulling in the Maximum fan speed setting from NinjaFlex, which is below the minimum for ABS

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karrad closed this task as Resolved.Jun 1 2018, 11:19 AM

We have not had any more reports of these, I believe we got them all sorted. Closing this one down.