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Future Profile Development
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We need a list of the next filaments to develope profiles for. We cannot define Bio timeline and materials until this is determined.

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  • nGen - Military buys a lot of this. Second most bought filament on the website.
  • Tough PLA - Competitive move. Allows us to offer near ABS durability with a material that works well with support materials.
  • Virtual foundry or alternative sintering material - Metal is a huge market
  • ASA - Competitive move. Great UV resistance.
  • Polypropylene - Competitive move.
  • Glass Filled PA - Automotive is biggest user of FFF. Strength and heat resistance desired.
  • Polyflex - Need something around 95A

@eBeardslee Is this Quiver Dual extruder only? Please specify if there are any other printer/tool head combinations this is expected for

Ideally these are available on the TAZ Pro Dual Extruder and TAZ Workhorse Stock Extruder at a minimum

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Reviewing the filament priority list, are there any other tool heads or printer combinations we would like to consider for future development? We have nothing logged for SL, HS, HS+

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