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Double check initial temperature layer_0 in all start gcodes
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Cura LE Version: 3.6.3 & 3.6.8

Operating System: Windows 10

Printer: Taz 6

Tool Head: SL 0.25mm

Description of issue: The "Printing Temperature Initial Layer" setting is being ignored. This is a problem with the initial gcode for the Taz 6 (don't know about other printers).


M109 R{material_print_temperature} ; wait for extruder to reach printing temp


M109 R{material_print_temperature_layer_0} ; wait for extruder to reach printing temp

fixes the problem. I have a vague recollection this was introduced with 3.6.3 but forgot to put in a ticket about it. It took me a while to recall the issue when I installed 3.6.3 on a new computer and it was being ignored. It is also still an issue with 3.6.8 as I did a quick upgrade to see if that fixed it.

Steps to reproduce: See above

Upload cura-lulzbot.log (attachment) : I can upload if need be but this is definitely an issue in the gcode settings.

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@alexei Updated first layer print temperature variable, pushed to T7257 ready for review and merge

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Fri, May 24, 9:28 AM

@karrad ,

Merged to master with some changes. As a side note, we should check if material_bed_temperature would be set after first layer (which is using material_bed_temperature_layer_0) in CuraEngine.