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Cura Crashing when Launching from Terminal
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Started by updating local build, then when I tried to launch cura using "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${HOME}/Projects/cura/build-master/build/inst/lib ./cura-lulzbot" the cura start screen popped up as usual and started loading, the user agreement page loaded an outline with a loading circle going and then after a few seconds, the start screen and user agreement disappeared and nothing had opened. I tried updating the local build and launching 2 more times with the same outcome.

Then I did a full "initial" rebuild following the directions in step 4 of the Cura LE Local Build Directions wiki. I again tried to launch cura with the same outcome.

I tried clearing my cache with "rm -rf ~/.cache/cura-lulzbot ~/.config/cura-lulzbot ~/.local/share/cura-lulzbot" in the terminal and relaunching cura and still the same thing happened. It looks like it's loading and then all of the sudden it's gone. The terminal supplied no error messages.

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I was able to test and verify this morning, it is happening for me on Lyrebird

I cleared cache, deleted repo, fresh clone from master, and a fresh build. No errors in the terminal

We did not see this behavior in 3.6.9 and may be related to this recent commit to master:

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I was able to verify this happening as well.
Last night I cleared my cache, and did a full new fresh build. No terminal errors:

copying /home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/inst/lib/qml/Qt/labs/calendar/plugins.qmltypes -> dist/qt/qml/Qt/labs/calendar/plugins.qmltypes
copying /home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/inst/lib/qml/Qt/labs/calendar/WeekNumberColumn.qml -> dist/qt/qml/Qt/labs/calendar/WeekNumberColumn.qml
copying /home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/inst/lib/qml/Qt/labs/calendar/qmldir -> dist/qt/qml/Qt/labs/calendar/qmldir
---> Generating Version File :/home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/inst/bin/python3.5;/home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/scripts/;3.6.10;/home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build;/home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/dist
[100%] Built target build_app
Run CPack packaging tool...
CPack: Create package using DEB
CPack: Install projects
CPack: - Install directory: /home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/dist
CPack: Create package
CPack: - package: /home/aleph/Projects/cura/build-master/build/cura-lulzbot-3.6.10-Linux.deb generated.

I emptied my "dist" folder and rebuilt after we reverted, it opened and is working for me now.

@victor_larchenko Looks like this one was introduced with the T7188 commits

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