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Redgum bed plate visualization in CuraLE
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Currently the model of the Redgum build plate shows two wiper pad mounts instead of the auxiliary mount cover. We will need a new render and to update this prior to release.

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@west If you can post an updated STL file here, I will take it from there.

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@alexei Fixed bed plate location for quiver machines, and created a "redgum base" along with tying machine definitions to this in order to help ease of future updates.

Ready for review and merge

@west ,

4MB is a bit large, can you try to reduce the size of this STL? Preferably close to 1MB.

@karrad ,

Reassigning it back to you.

alexei reassigned this task from alexei to karrad.Thu, May 30, 12:45 PM

Just noting, 93% scale of STL file in X/Y to get proper sizing in Cura LE visulization

karrad reassigned this task from karrad to west.Fri, May 31, 12:24 PM

@west Any chance you can get a smaller bed plate STL?

The view I am getting on current build for positioning:




As you can see the buildplate STL model is smaller than CuraLE buldplate area, so yu shouldn't scale it 98%.

@alexei Some form of scaling will be required, I can try to get that closer that you highlighted.

This is the standard bed w/o scaling (not quite centered, but will highlight the issue)

west added a comment.Tue, Jun 4, 4:28 PM

The file cant be made smaller, FWIW the quiver bedplate is a larger file than the redgum plate

alexei added a comment.Thu, Jun 6, 7:56 AM

Could you try to play with tessellation settings in FreeCAD: Preferences->PartDesign->Shape View. To see if it woud reduce the filesize.
Also apparently @karrad was post-processing the file in blender, so make sure the origin of this STL file is lower-left corner, on the build surface.

Ideally we shouldn't post-process the STL file coming out from FreeCAD, because I think scaling factor might've been introduced by blender.

west added a comment.Thu, Jun 6, 7:57 AM

@alexei do you have an idea of the tessellation number to use ?

alexei added a comment.Thu, Jun 6, 8:25 AM


Usually it's try and see process. I would start with increasing these numbers by x2.
Could you provide the link to the FreeCAD assembly file that you are using to generate this STL?

west added a comment.Thu, Jun 6, 8:30 AM

taz-redgum/production_parts/assemblies/sub_assemblies/bed_plate_visualization.fcstd branch T7379

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I did a fusion of all the parts, then created a mesh with 1.0mm Surface deviation and 30o Angular deviation and exported it to binary STL.
(2nd way described here:

The resulting file is 0.5MB