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Cannot Connect to Cura 3.6.8 TAZ Pro
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Cura LE Version: 3.6.8

Operating System: Windows 10

Printer: TAZ Pro

Tool Head: Dual

Description of issue: When customer tries to upgrade firmware he gets a "Communication Failed." error. We at TS are seeing more of this.

Steps to reproduce:

Had customer check driver, dedicate port, clear cache and do firmware upgrade. Had him change cables and ports. Tried dedicating COM ports in machine settings. Customer is using Windows 10. Will try on a windows 7 machine. Is using Cura 3.6.8. Tried disabling Windows defender. Also had his IT department allow a localhost port range of 49674 - 49675 through the firewall.

Upload cura-lulzbot.log (attachment) awaiting customers log file.

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@johnson ,
In the attached logs

2019-05-24 07:37:12,462 - DEBUG - [(7068)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [54]: Attempting to connect to printer with serial COM5 on baud rate 250000
2019-05-24 07:37:12,462 - DEBUG - [(7068)-MainThread] USBPrinting.USBPrinterOutputDevice._log [54]: Could not open port COM5

Is the result of this code in USB plugin:

                    self._parent.log("d", "Attempting to connect to printer with serial %s on baud rate %s", self._parent._serial_port, baud_rate)
	            if self._parent._serial is None:
	                    self._parent._serial = serial.Serial(str(self._parent._serial_port), baud_rate, timeout=3, writeTimeout=10000)
	                    # 10 seconds is too much to sleep?
	                except serial.SerialException:
	                    self._parent.log("d", "Could not open port %s" % self._parent._serial_port)

As you can see for some reason CuraLE doesn't have an access to COM5 for some reason. I bet it's because of some kind of permissions problems or printer is not really on COM5.

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Customer says "My IT support spent almost four hours working on it. Problem, the firewall on the specific computer wasn't turned off. "

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@TyTh Thank you for following up, we appreciate it!

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@karrad @TyTh

It is my understanding from talking with Ty that this issues has also been reported by other customers who use Windows and whose fire wall has been turned off. The issue was described to me by tech support team members as:

  1. The firmware is flashed
  2. After the firmware is flashed the computer is no longer able to connect to the printer via USB

TY can provide more details.