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Polyflex Taz Pro Profile Update
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*Recommended Use Actions:
DO NOT use Fil. Runnout Sensor
DO NOT thread fil through the plastic tubes
DO unravel a small amount of slack to lessen the drag

Glue Stick Recommended

To confirm settings, see:

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anolen created this task.Thu, May 30, 4:23 PM
karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Fri, Jun 14, 1:06 PM

@anolen Will you be incorporating these or @hanna?

Polyflex is in "Experimental" can we update it while its in there or can we get Polyflex moved to "All"?

karrad reassigned this task from anolen to hanna.Mon, Jun 17, 8:55 AM
hanna reassigned this task from hanna to alexei.Mon, Jun 17, 10:33 AM
hanna moved this task from Profiles to Release 3.6.xx on the Cura LulzBot Edition board.

Updated Polyflex Profiles and changed the material classification from Experimental to All