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Quiver support build size issue
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Cura LE Version: 3.6.9

Operating System: Debian (AO internal)

Printer: Taz Pro (Quiver)

Tool Head: Taz Pro Dual Extruder

Description of issue: Toolhead 2 does not have physical access to the full build plate, it is limited on the left side. If you set a model to print with extruder 2, Cura will take this into account and prevent you from using the inaccessible part of the build plate. However, when no model is set to extruder 2, but extruder 2 is used for support, this protection is not activated.

Steps to reproduce: Open any model, scale to max. Enable supports, and set support extruder to toolhead 2.

FYI this came from an external issue, but the cause was internally investigated by myself and @karrad

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Printing the model with extruder 2:

Using Extruder 2 for support material:

@victor_larchenko can we implement the same protection for E2 in T5549 to include support material?

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Whoops, I see @TKostennov did the last one. Re-assigning

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@TKostennov Can we get an update on this one? We will need to get this into a release soon.

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@karrad, Yep, sure. Sorry for delay.
Fix located in T7554 branch. Now when support activated Cura checks support extruder disallowed areas.

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@TKostennov Thanks, disallowed region showing when just using E2 for support:

@alexei Ready for review and merge

@bmh Once merged into master, you can download the automatic build from our devel server if you would like to test it out:

It usually takes about an hour or two to post after the merge to master is complete.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jun 13 2019, 10:52 AM

Merged to master.