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M425 saves to EEPROM without M500
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After @franklin was noticing that his smoothing values were not being stored after running the vernier print, we tested the M425 command and found the values it is given will save to EEPROM without a M500 command being issued.

I believe smoothing is set to 3 by default; however, after the vernier is run at calibration the smoothing will be 2 and will be 2 when the customer opens and turns on their machine.

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I do not believe "M425" saves the values. However, if you click on the "Measure Automatically" button on the LCD, it will save the values. This is because it runs the following script:

M117 Starting Auto-Calibration      // Status message
T0                                  // Switch to first nozzle
M218 T1 X43 Y0 Z0                   // Restore default nozzle offset
G28                                 // Auto-Home
G12                                 // Wipe the Nozzles
M117 Calibrating...                 // Status message
G425                                // Calibrate Nozzles
M500                                // Save settings
M117 Calibration data saved

If this is confusing, it could certainly be changed not to automatically save the values.

@marcio if you power cycle a gcode with different M425 values than the default, it keeps the values from the gcode instead of returning to system defaults. At least that was what we were getting from our tests.

Could you look in the console and see if it says anything about "Saving to EEPROM?"