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M226 wait for pin state functionality
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Similar to Quiver, I am not getting the expected functionality of M226 - Wait for pin state
I have tried setting the pin to 10 or 30 with the results on both being the same, the unit waits but does not register the probe circuit.
The probe circuit is working correctly, as I am able to walk it through a G29 command by pressing the probe switch on the test stand.

@marcio Could you clarify which pin is the correct one?
From pins_RAMBO.h:

// Limit Switches
#define X_MIN_PIN          12
#define X_MAX_PIN          24
#define Y_MIN_PIN          11
#define Y_MAX_PIN          23
#define Z_MIN_PIN          10
#define Z_MAX_PIN          30

// Z Probe (when not Z_MIN_PIN)
  #define Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN  30

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logan added a comment.Jun 6 2019, 1:39 PM

I also tried M226 P22 S0 from the TAZ 6 test stand gcode, same result.

No change in behavior as of with the following commands:
M226 P10 S0
M226 P10 S1
M226 P10 S-1
M226 P30 S0
M226 P30 S1
M226 P30 S-1

M119 will still reflect Z-Min triggered when pressing the probe button on the stand.
@marcio @mjpelletier
Is pin 10 or pin 30 the correct pin?

@logan: It looks like the workaround I put in for M226 was only enabled for Quiver. I have enabled it for all printers in .131

logan closed this task as Resolved.Jun 13 2019, 9:20 AM

This appears to be functioning as intended now. Thanks @marcio