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toolhead doesnt sit flat against the x carriage
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I saw an assembly in production where the toolhead wasnt able to mount flat against the x carriage. I believe there is a tolerance stack between the x carriage and the toolhead mount that interferes with proper mounting

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west created this task.Thu, Jun 6, 1:45 PM
adam added subscribers: logan, adam.Fri, Jun 7, 9:05 AM

@logan do you think this is the same issue as T7661?

logan added a comment.Fri, Jun 7, 9:26 AM

I think this is part of what was mentioned in T7661 but I think is an additional issue. If I understand correctly, the misalignment is due to interference with the lower bearing holder and this issue is with the upside down Y shaped feature being too large vs some of the tool head mounts.

west moved this task from Backlog to Beta on the Redgum board.Tue, Jun 11, 7:07 AM
west added a comment.Tue, Jun 11, 9:03 AM

@logan do you have a toolhead that was exhibiting this issue?

logan added a comment.Tue, Jun 11, 9:11 AM

I have one with a mount that is more squished than the others, but I don't have any more carriages to check it against.

west added a comment.Tue, Jun 11, 9:18 AM

I found one over here that doesnt sit flat that I'll tset with

west added a comment.Tue, Jun 11, 10:14 AM

@logan The changes made to the x carriage seem to fix the issue, at least with the one sample I printed off. T7685 is the slice request to test more