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Taz-Pro Polylite PLA Profile Update
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Let me know how it goes, Thank you!

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anolen created this task.Fri, Jun 7, 7:44 AM

@Hob @TyTh @zachah @DRobertson

Please test this profiles

Initial feedback is the bed is still a bit too hot. It's set at 80 right now.. dropped it down to 60 and the print looks much better.

Bed at 60 on the left and bed at 80 on the right.

Try these bed temps, I double checked in the exported file.

Hob added a comment.Fri, Jun 7, 12:38 PM

Updated new firmware to Beta unit, loaded these profiles, and it's looking much better. Will post when done. Thanks! any changes to PolyDissolve profile?

anolen added a comment.Fri, Jun 7, 2:25 PM

@Hob Ill have some updates trickling in for PETG, ABS, and Polydissolve. Ill tag you when I post the Polydissolve Updates.

DaniAO added a comment.Fri, Jun 7, 2:43 PM

@zachah was able to get the qube print to print correctly with some small tweaks which are noted on the sticky note.

Hardware is good so sending this printer out to the customer for the RMA now.


zachah added a comment.Fri, Jun 7, 3:31 PM

There's a few things I tweaked throughout the day to get the print coming out much better. The main ones are related to temperature and cooling

First I increased the fan speed to 100% for min and max and enabled it at layer 2.

Also increased the minimum layer time to 30 seconds

Lowered the bed and hot end temperatures a bit more down to 210, 55 for the first layer and 200, 45 for the remainder of the print

For travel I also turned that on to all. I then added the max comb distance as 30 so that longer moves would still benefit from retractions.

I also enabled the optimize wall printing order and optimize infill settings. Also whenever I enable optimize wall printing order I also disable the outer wall wipe distance because it basically becomes unnecessary with optimize walls enabled.

I have been running a bunch of test prints with the profiles listed here as well as using the default profiles available in 3.6.9. None of them came out perfect but thus far the closest to what I would expect was actually the default profiles from 3.6.9. Photo examples of each of my test prints is below.

Angie's Standard Detail Profile Printed using E1:

Angie's Standard Detail Profile Printed using E2:

Angie's High Speed Profile Printed using E1:

Angie's High Speed Profile Printed using E2:

Zack's Adjusted Standard Profile using E1:

Zack's Adjusted Standard Profile using E2:

3.6.9 Default High Speed (Polylite) E2:

3.6.9 Default High Speed on E1 (Polylite) High Detail on E2:

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I'm getting a lot better results with @zachah profiles + Tyler's 1.9 fan shroud. The most recent profiles from @anolen I was getting very messy looking layers on slight overhangs.