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EL-HR0140 extra EL-MS0141 in BOM
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The BOM in the drawing for EL-HR0140 lists a EL-MS0141 that is not referenced anywhere in the drawing.

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samantha created this task.Mon, Jun 10, 7:53 AM
DaniAO assigned this task to tutley.Tue, Jun 11, 7:53 AM
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@tutley @west do we need to update the drawing or the BoM on this one? Either way we will need a change order done.


@DaniAO the BOM is what needs updated to remove EL-MS0141

@tutley as I read it- the bom on the drawing references this part- so that needs to be updated Correct @samantha ?

Once decided please can some one submit a change order?

I think we just need to remove it from the BOM. I can get a change order submitted a little later.

Change order ticket is T7856