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PP-FP0171 Bed Mount Plate - Manufacturability Design Change Request
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Summary of design change and issue with current design:

Several tapped M3 x 0.5 holes have 8mm masking on the Kangaroo Paw Bed Mount Plates. This is considerably smaller than the 12mm diameter masked areas which have an identical function on TAZ bed mount plates.

As a result of the masking being nearly the same size as the 7.95mm diameter cylindrical bed standoffs and due to the difficulty of precisely centering the 8mm masking on the part of the supplier, there has frequently been issues of the masking being too off center for the bed standoffs to seat properly in the masked area. Over the last year, this issue has been a primary source of supply bottlenecking for Mini 2 bed mount plates. The absence of a tolerance for this dimension also creates ambiguity for suppliers regarding rejection criteria. To ensure that this issue is not repeated with Kangaroo Paw, this change should be considered before ordering production quantities.

Proposed solution:
Widening specification on the 8mm masking to 10mm or 12mm and adding 0.5mm or 0.75mm tolerance.

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