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USB drives shorting out.
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We are seeing instances from customer where the USB stick will fry halfway through a print. @lisa has more information coming on this matter.

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This is related to RMA13319 which that ticket has more info in there. The printer is on it's way back so we can evaluate it.

One thing that I noticed on a Taz Pro that I was giving a once over after the calibrators got done with it, was that the ground screw that connected the USB thumbdrive to the RAMBo was not tightened all the way. I'm not sure if this could cause the thumbdrives to short out, but it's a thought.

When the ring terminals of the added ground wires are attached to the screw points of the RAMBo, LCD and USB boards, care needs to be taken that the metal parts of the ring terminals are situated in a way that they do not contact any of the components on the board. This can happen when the terminals are turned toward components. On all the boards, there are ways to attach the terminals so they avoid components.

I'll keep an eye out for that, thanks!

@mjpelletier can you review the OHAI and see if there is a way to be more clear in how we explain how this is built to help prevent this?