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Firmware USB issue
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Using 3 Pro machines for testing, I flashed them to 131, 130, and 128 with the same result:
Everything works fine until you go to the USB file options. I selected the file, pressed "Print" and then the LCD switched back to the main screen with the file name half scrolled across the screen and everything is frozen. Only way to get control back is to power cycle the machine.

I flashed to 127 and it is working fine now, I have 2 printers running with that Firmware now.

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anolen created this task.Jun 12 2019, 11:00 AM

That's strange. I just flashed .128 to my machine and I am able to start a print from the USB just fine. There doesn't seem to be any changes between .127 and .128 that I would expect to impact USB.

Can I see the flash drive and GCODE that is giving you problems?

Also, did you do a factory reset, just in case?

Yes, I made sure to reset to default settings afer each flash, just in case.
The new .135 FW is working really well for me without an issue.

@anolen: Can you close this as resolved then?