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Pro Multiple Issues
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A customer got this Pro and has had some issues. We are getting it back in for repair, but due to it being from Hong Kong, it will take a while. We wanted to make this ticket while it ships back.

Our colleague found out the grey wheel does not rotate; therefore, the track is not moving smoothly, and the machines is making noises (please watch the video).

We brought the filaments (ABS) along with the machines, the filament (ABS) did not melt properly for the left-side nozzle as you can see in the image and compare with the right-side nozzle.

Removing the filament, the left side (grey) filament has a weird shape while the right side (black) filament has a clean finishing. The result for the nozzle is that the left nozzle does not purge or print any material.

When we plug in the power for the machine, the setting matches your quality assurance record on the 5-9-19, but then when we try to print somethings, the machine will make a few moves before it shows probing failed. Also, all the assurance record is made at the beginning of May 2019 so it might be out of date and we are wondering if we need to calibrate again before the actual print.

The burnin.gcode calibration works fine but not the others, it will always show extruder 1 filament error.
Side brush

When the left nozzle is moving towards the side brush, the first round it will sit inside the brushing area, from the second time onward, it will sit at the edge of the brush, so it is not touching the brush at all.

When the machine is running/printing, calibrating, the left nozzle is scratching the board leaving these marks which I am sure it shouldn’t be happening.

I have pictures and video, but did not want to post as it is customer information. Please contact me if you would like them.

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@tutley assigning this one to you know, but will have you and MER team review this printer when it gets back.

Based on the video it seems like stall detect is not working, and the motor drivers are not functioning properly.
Seems like a bad Archim board.

As for the extrusion issue, could be a burnt out motor driver (bad Archim), but it looked like it was stripping out, so maybe a heater issue or improper idler tension

Missing the wiper could be y axis spacing.

We will have to investigate further when we get ahold of the printer