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Cert label
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We are considering using for the Cert label on the back of the printer as well as the fresh certified label.

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DaniAO created this task.Jun 17 2019, 11:11 AM
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@DRobertson some questions the label vendor is asking:

What are the dimensions of your label in width and height? UL cert label will be the same size as the current Mini 2 one- can you list those as well as what the FRESH certified size would be?

Is there any artwork you would like printed and if so, would you send in a separate high resolution file? If you could attached the artwork files, we can get those sent over to her.

Do you know the Pantone color of your blue? If not, would you be willing to send a sample so we can color-match? Not sure if you have this or not..


Asset Tags are 3"x2.5" and FRESH Certified Stickers are 1.875"x0.5". Both are outlined and attached as PDFs, and I can direct you to other file types if needed.

I've matched the blue in these files to Blue PMS 2175C.

DaniAO added a subscriber: Greggb.Jul 3 2019, 9:40 AM

Sample labels came in. One went to @tutley to test and one went to @Greggb for review.

tutley added a comment.EditedJul 9 2019, 7:27 AM

I tested these and when the alcohol seeps under the edges it damages the adhesive.

DaniAO added a comment.Jul 9 2019, 9:29 AM

@tutley how long did these soak before they started to lift? and they were soaked right? or were you spraying the stickers?

tutley added a comment.Jul 9 2019, 9:50 AM

maybe 3-5 minutes. all i did was pour a little bit of 99% iso onto the face of the sticker and some of it got to the edge of the sticker and then seeped under.
this will happen with a spray down as well especially on the top edge

Wow.. @jperry can you send these photo to the supplier and update them on our findings. Also see if there are any other options?


I sent an email to EIM and copied both @DaniAO and @tutley .

Below is the response from EIM. We need to decide on whether we want a tamper-evident label or if the chemical resistant label as it is one or the other at this point. I can also look for some other suppliers in the meantime.

"I checked over our tamper-evident materials and the one we ran for you is the only one we have that I was hoping would withstand your conditions. If we switch to another material in hopes of meeting your chemical resistance it would not be tamper-evident. I am attaching a spec sheet for our ChemDefend if you would like to look it over and let me know if you would like samples put in today’s mail to you."

@Steven @Grant @lisa @karrad @Hob @adam - please see the comment above from the sticker manufacture. Do we need these to be tamper-evident?


i believe it must be tamper evident for UL certification

We stated using the tamper evident before UL, but I don't think it's required. The label material/specs itself has to be approved though.

adam added a comment.Jul 10 2019, 9:22 AM

Per my last discussion with the UL testers, it just needs to pass UL 969 standard for durability and adhesion. Incidentally, if it passes this testing it will smash UL 969.

Might as well get the mini 2 # removed as well-- just since we use it for all the current Mini's

@DaniAO The sticker @david.hall brought me for the alcohol testing works really well! i poured alcohol on the sticker so it would run to the edges and potentially seep under and damage the adhesive (like what happened with the last sticker). There was no damage to the adhesive or the printed face of the sticker. I made sure to scrub the face with an alcohol soaked paper towel to ensure the ink on the printed face wouldnt come off. No issues here either.
I think this is the sticker we should use!

Good to hear! @jperry is working on one more option and we will go from there.


@DaniAO i have tested the two stickers you gave me yesterday. The ink holds up on both of them but the alcohol seeps under the edge of the sticker and damages the adhesive. the sticker then wants to peel up.
The best option i have tested is the red and white chemical sticker that @david.hall brought me back in july

@sherylb those stickers from Cody did not hold up .....

I had spoken to him yesterday regarding the UL969 rating. He was going to check with his vendors and get back to me. He contacted me this morning and said he is still searching for information.

DaniAO added a subscriber: sarahv.Sep 11 2019, 4:24 PM

@sarahv this is the ticket with the info for the cert label. Please let me know if there is anything else!

@DaniAO We should have our sample stickers here Friday or Monday at the latest

karrad closed this task as Resolved.Fri, Nov 22, 12:50 PM