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Cura 3.6.8 crashes when it tries to update the firmware
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Cura for Lulzbot 3.6.8 (on Win 10, Intel quad core) crashes the instant the Update Firmware button is hit, apparently only if the printer's USB connection is first established via the Connect button. On relaunch, the firmware has not been updated. I see an older report that Cura crashes *after* updating the firmware, but in this case, the update does not occur.

Tried restarting the printer, relaunching the software, rebooting the computer, and all combinations of these three conditions before each attempt, although not in every possible sequence. At any rate, I think the update should work as long as the software and printer are both running and connected, regardless of other circumstances.

What worked was hitting the Update Firmware button *without* first establishing the connection. When the update was complete, Cura did not crash, and indicated the printer was then connected.

If my observations are correct and reproducible, the crash must happen from trying to open an already open connection at the top of the Firmware Update class, which should be pretty easy to remedy.

Anyway, great job otherwise on this version! Stuff that wouldn't slice at all before is slicing almost instantly.

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bmh added a subscriber: bmh.Jun 18 2019, 12:02 PM

Ah ha, this is what I was seeing a few nights ago too - I suspected what was causing it was already being connected, because after it would crash I would reload and try again without connecting first and that does seem to work. ALTHOUGH, I am fairly sure I was using 3.6.10 (Windows 10) and it still happens there too (not just 3.6.8).

I have switched back and forth a lot between 3.6.8 and 3.6.10 so I may not be remembering right which version, but I will actually test and notate tonight in 3.6.10.

The other thing is sometimes when it would crash, nothing happened on the printer and at other times the printer would be in a non-operable state (even after turning off/on) - when in a non-operable state I don't think Cura connect would work, but I would just retry the firmware update and it would then work and the printer would be back to being alive again.

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