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"No Material" option influincing single material printing
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Trying to print PLA only using E1 but the "No Material" selection on E2 is setting bed temp to 90c initial and 80c printing

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DaniAO assigned this task to anolen.Jun 20 2019, 1:46 PM
anolen added a subscriber: karrad.Jun 24 2019, 8:41 AM

The shared settings such as bed temp and layer height will average when they differ from each other. I set it to 80-90 C because that was in the middle of all material temp needs (50-110) and it wouldn't adjust ABS or other high temp materials to a too low bed temp.
@karrad, do you think we should adjust the bed temp of No Material to best suit a specific material, (if so, which?) or should we just have our customers adjust it to their needs?

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Hmm, I am not sure if fixing the no material option is the best solution.

@anolen Looking into machine settings, I am seeing extruder specific start gcode under the hot end tabs. Have you experimented with inserting specific start gcode here? It could be this gcode is not inserted unless that specific hot end is intended to be used. If this is so, we may be able to avoid averaging bed temperatures when only one filament is used.

@TKostennov Can you look into disabling E1 or E2 settings when they are not used in the gcode generation? We are open to any options here, and are not quite sure how that section works.

@victor_larchenko We are not sure the best way to proceed on this one, can you work with @TKostennov on a proposed solution?

bmh added a subscriber: bmh.Jul 2 2019, 3:54 PM

@karrad It seems to be working on our side. Check it in the T7998 branch, please. Some values are overridden from the profile, but the “No Material” values are ignored.

karrad reassigned this task from TKostennov to hanna.Jul 3 2019, 12:50 PM
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@hanna @anolen Please run a branch build and check a few different materials to verify. Known settings that average are Bed Temp, Layer Height, infill layer thickness, initial layer thickness

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@TKostennov: This is much better approach to one material printing on dual extruders. Merged it to master. Will leave this ticket open in case there will be any new problems introduced.

I ran a branch build, the No Material option seems to be working perfectly, I'm not seeing any averaged values with that option selected.

@hanna, thanks ! Closing this ticket as resolved.

alexei closed this task as Resolved.Jul 10 2019, 7:10 AM