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Determine Tool Kit for Kangaroo Paw
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We need determine what components need to be in the tool kit for kangaroo paw.

suggested items:

Extra dishes
Extra needles
Greese for the plate
variety of syringes

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karrad created this task.Jun 21 2019, 1:27 PM
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@tutley We would love some feedback suggestions for what might be required.

as discussed in NPI

grease for the plate
printed parts to hold a variety of syringes
Hex drivers set
a few dishes to get started
a small sample of alginate
25 and 35 mm gage needles

@Steven which syringe sizes did you recommend?

@tutley @samantha @anolen @west any other items you would like to see in there?

Suggested Tool Kit (in a grey and blue tool bag)

-Small amount of alginate and/or collagen and support material
-box of needles- 25 and 30 gauge
-allen wrench set
-vacumn grease
-small containters (salad dressing cups work well for this)
-pliers (to use on the belts)
-1 or 2 thumb screws
-Syringe - just need to decided on one or two? (
-SD card
-Power cord(s)
-USB cord

@Steven @tutley @karrad @Grant @Greggb @eBeardslee are we missing anything?

@DaniAO I believe we were also looking at a 20 gauge needle to make printing of more viscous and thermoset materials easier.

eBeardslee added a comment.EditedFri, Aug 23, 11:00 AM

@DaniAO does the syringe include the needle? I would say one syringe and a few needles.

Historically we have always included everything needed to get printing. That being said should we include a petri dish? Along those same lines, do we need to include calcium chloride for mixing with the support material to print the alginate? Also, the storage of the alginate print required a certain solution, can't remember what though.

@karrad i tested the 20 gauge and it kind of works with the thinner stuff but definitely not the silicone. I think something like 18 or 16 gauge may be best for thermosets. probably 16

@eBeardslee the syringe does not, but we do have 25 and 30 gauge needled planned already.. just need to determine if we are sending the whole box or just a few.

The salad dress cups were suggested to print into as they are a good size, instead of a petri dish.

Not sure about the other items that you mentioned - @tutley your thoughts on that?

@eBeardslee the syringe does not include the needle. so having the small pack of needles should be good
@DaniAO i think we should only supply 1 of the glass syringes. they are very expensive..

@DaniAO Do you have a link to the salad dressing cups? This machine is a professional offering so I would recommend everything included supports that professional appearance. Also, customers often like to take / share pictures of the machine printing and final print when they first get it so I would like to do everything we can to make sure those pictures look good.