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Accessory Tool Head OHAI for Pro
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We need to get a customer facing OHAI up for installing the accessory tool heads on the TAZ Pro.

This can be a single OHAI for the SL, SE, HS, HS+ and will just need to specify the differences in flashing and machine addition

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karrad created this task.Jun 21 2019, 2:51 PM
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@DRobertson @Greggb We are getting requests for how to install these tool heads, what is an ETA that we have a rough draft to show customers?

This is my first OHAI but I think I understand most of it. I'm not clear of exactly where I should be putting in the last edited date and my name as the editor, but besides that I've got a good handle on the OHAI process now. I based the steps off of the TAZ 6 Aerostruder install OHAI. Let me know if there are any changes or clarifications to keep a consistent style across all OHAI's. Guide is located in drafts here:

@karrad @Orias Could I get some feedback on this OHAI? Like I said, it's my first and I want to make sure it's up to snuff before moving it from drafts. I also want to add a link to the HE tool head as a compatible tool head once that product page is up.

@DRobertson Sorry about the delay here. Only a couple pieces of feedback

1.) You have them unplug the USB cord and power cable, but do not mention plugging those back in before updating firmware
2.) On the first picture i think it may be better to get a shot of the Pro with a stock dual extruder installed, with the accessory tool heads around it. (Might lead to confusion showing the 0.8mm tool head already installed thinking it may be for a different printer)