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Lower extruder motor current for half height motor aeros on rambo controllers
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On TAZ5, TAZ6 and TAZ WE (RAMBO controlled) with the half height motor aerostruders (SE, SL, finch) we are getting overheating extruder motors.

In a well insulated enclosure at 42C ambient, which is about where the cluster is running, i measured the temp of the extruder motor with the FLIR to be about 95C.

@david.hall mentioned the motors on the redgums in the cluster were running at about 93C

Over an extended period of time this high temperature will melt the motor mounts and fan shrouds (T8313)

On trinamic drivers we are limiting the current to these motors at 960mA
On the Rambo drivers we are running them at 1250mA

We will need to adjust the motor currents down to 960mA on all firmwares for all half height motor aerostuders.

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Is this complete?

I believe that they are still finding drooping issues in Cluster. I will have to see

adam added a subscriber: adam.Jul 18 2019, 11:06 AM

@marcio is this current change implemented in

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@adam @logan yes this change is in the current builds including .144. If there is still drooping issues I believe that should go into a different ticket if it isn't already. Closing this out.