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Machine restarts after continuous E2 extrusion
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So Duncan first noticed that if he went to load filament in the E2 using the continuous function through the LCD and left it for a minute or two and turned around to do something else his machine would be reset. So we tried it on a few other machines and its repeatable. E1 doesn't seem to do it if you just leave it extruding using the continuous function, only E2. This does seem to take a minute or two to happen so its unlikely lots of people will just hit it and walk off and forget, but it totally restarts the machine if you do. This is with .135 firmware by the way.

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This happened to me last night. I thought maybe there was just a timeout and it purposely had gone back the main screen, but I'm guessing it was rebooting. This has happened twice to me that I remember.

This is a duplicate of T7442 and T8587

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