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Polylite PLA TAZ 6
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Profiles for testing of Polylite PLA on the TAZ 6. Please use these profile models:


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karrad created this task.Apr 17 2017, 10:29 AM
karrad assigned this task to nickp.Apr 25 2017, 10:42 AM

Poly lite profile has the bed having to cool down to 30C. that is far too cool. Please see if we can get the cool down reset on the profile. Will add this to code.

Sorry that was high quality poly lite profile

Sorry guys, I was looking at actual temperatures. The cool down is set to 0, so the printer will never get there. this will have to be fixed in the profile

@david.hall thanks for the heads up. It looks like victor is working on this right now, and may already have a fix implemented. see T750

We will want to test it again once the next build is available.

Polylite profiles "high detail" looks really good on all prints so far. They are taking quite a bit of time to complete (as expected) but are turning out really well!

I'm looking at the standard profile and for the most part the prints look really good. The bottom layer on a couple of the prints are a little stringy but over all I would say they look good.

@TyTh Stringy bottom layers, I would suspect your Z offset is off a bit. Can you post a photo of the bottom of the print?

Sorry that was me accidentally logged in as Ty. I think you may be right. I'll run it by David

Notes for the "High speed", the polylite is looking good on this also. It is of course a little rougher than the others , but not bad at all for high speed.

Recommendation for Polylite, due to a little adhesion issues, most resolved through adjusting the Z offset, I recommend raising the heat bed temp 10 degrees to 60. This I think will help with ambient conditions. This is especially apparent on Polylite "high speed".

We have noticed that the retraction speed on the high speed profile is to fast for the crate model because it strips the filament. we have had 4-5 prints fail. We also thing the natural Polylite PLA seems to be pretty brittle that the other colors.

DaniAO added a subscriber: DaniAO.Apr 28 2017, 1:40 PM

Notes from the Profile meeting: On high speed prints- we need to check the retraction settings on the crate test.
On the High details prints- there is some "pillowing" on the square model. It was suggested to either increase the top and bottom layers or increase infill.
On all three settings-we need to double check the support settings, increase the top layers, and bump the bed temps to 60 degrees Celsius.

karrad added a comment.May 4 2017, 2:40 PM

I have increased all top layers by two shells, which should help fix up the top surfaces. After reviewing some of the other math 341 prints, we suspect temperature may be causing the rough surface. We are testing on the linen prints in T871

For future prints, please use these profiles:

@nickp If we can get a re-print of the flat surfaces and Math 341 print, it should be sufficient to check. (Not a large rush on this, please update the ticket with a photo when you have a chance.)

Do you want one model of each profile?

@Bobby4wd lets go with one Flat Surface and one Math 341 for each profile. Total of 6 prints

nathan added a subscriber: nathan.EditedMay 24 2017, 6:47 AM

On the Math print for the standard profile may have an error in the Gcode, as both of these prints failed on the same layer in the same way. The tool head would reach the point of the error, then go off to the left side and maintain the heat of the tool head and bed without moving. This is happening when using the SD card. Photos attached.

@Bobby4wd From what you describe, it sounds like you have a pause activated. Make sure you don't have a "star" in the profile name, also double check post processing (in extensions) to ensure there is not a pause at height activated when generating gcode. Let us know if it is still popping up.

That was Nathan. I'm re running the prints right now. That print i think has to have a star next to it because we have to turn on supports. I may be missing something though.

@Bobby4wd no problem. If you attempt to switch to a different type of filament, a warning window should pop up with what has changed. Could be a quick way to ensure nothing strange is turned on. I do not know if the "post processing" options will pop up when transferring though.

I switched the profile and hit discard for the supports and when i turned them back on the star came up. Like I said I'm re-running all the profiles right now

Here are all the results we got

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@victor_larchenko These profiles are ready to updated for TAZ 6 Polylite PLA

victor_larchenko closed this task as Resolved.May 30 2017, 12:15 AM