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TAZ PRO Connection Issue with Windows
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Taz PRO unable to connect to a windows 7 machine. On help ticket 206,632 they tried two different computers and two different USB cables and were unable to connect. When a firmware update is applied we receive the message "Firmware Update Failed due to Communication Issues". We are running CURA 3.6.13. They are able to successfully connect to their TAZ 6s without issue.

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nathan added a subscriber: nathan.Jul 16 2019, 7:15 AM

The exact same issue again with a different customer on ticket 207742.

Steven added a subscriber: Steven.EditedJul 16 2019, 7:25 AM

@nathan , can you please see if you can find out the exact Windows 10 version this issue is occurring on and post here?

Steven assigned this task to nathan.Jul 16 2019, 7:26 AM

Same issue again with another customer on ticket 208,094. Will be providing more computer specs when customer calls back.

Here is the customer's response from ticket 207742:

Tried a couple laptops.

One is a Samsung R540, Intel 2.4GHz i3, 4 GB, running Win 10 Home 64 bit. I always try to stay on top of windows updates, it is currently running quality update 2019-07 (kb4506991) and feature update 1903. When I look at the COM port info in device manager, it says it can see the TAZ Pro as 3D Printer powered by RAMBo (COM 3).

The other is a Dell Inspiron 15, Intel 2.4GHz i7, 8GB running Win 10 Pro 64 bit. It is on quality update 2019-07 kb4507469 and when plugged in to the TAZ Pro, it also sees it as 3D Printer powered by RAMBo, just different com port number.

Sitting right next to the TAZ Pro is a Mini 2, and looking at all the com port and driver info on the laptop that runs it, it looks identical to what I am seeing on both of the other laptops that I've connected to the TAZ Pro.

It happens that the Samsung used to be the laptop that ran our demo Mini until we sold it. The only difference between then and now was installing Cura 3.6.13 so that it had the latest firmware to flash the Pro with.

I checked firewall settings and Cura has permission to go through the firewall on both machines. I tried turning the firewall completely off on the Samsung but it still won't connect to the TAZ Pro. As I've mentioned, I can't talk to the Pro with Pronterface either. I use Pronterface to connect to TAZ 3/4/6 and Mini/Mini 2.

All the PCs here use AVG antivirus.

The only other comm issues I've ever experienced here with Lulzbot printers involved having to increase the baud rates From TAZ 3/4/Mini 115,200 to TAZ 6/Mini 2 250,000. I know the Pro is supposed to be 250,000.