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LCD printer name
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Started up a workhorse for the first time and was greeted with:

The text doesn't scroll, so it looks awkward that "workhorse" is mispelled and "ready" is cut off. Workhorse needs to be spelled correctly, and if it's supposed to scroll then that needs to be implemented. If not, then I'd suggest it just read "TAZ Workhorse"

Also should point out that it's mispelled in the about screen, though this looks like it's just a character limit. If possible, I'd suggest reducing the text size a tad until the full name can be displayed.

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@marcio Talking this one over with @eBeardslee We would like this top splash line to be "LulzBot TAZ"

Please tag this ticket with the commit and we will test it out and close.

edit: This is assuming it is a character limit

@marcio Also, "TAZ Workhorse Printing" is cut off. Can we shorten this to "TAZ Printing"?

@eBeardslee We will need more information on what the printer is doing, but I suspect that is start gcode change not marlin. let us know where/when you are seeing it

Yes, I think it is the start gcode. Sorry, didn't notice this was a marlin related code ticket.

@karrad: "LulzBot TAZ ready" would still only show up as "LulzBot TAZ read" in the display, so I will have it read "TAZ Ready" instead.

@karrad: Also it looks like there is an option to scroll the status string. I will enable this. Would you prefer to see a non-scrolling "TAZ Ready" or a scrolling "LulzBot TAZ Ready"?

The scrolling would also take care of "TAZ Workhorse Printing", but if you rather it be non-scrolling it needs to be less than 16 characters.

@marcio I like the scrolling option myself to allow full names/M117 messages

@eBeardslee What are you thoughts here?

Scrolling sounds great! Didn't know it was an option.

@karrad: I will enable scrolling regardless (this was actually broken in Marlin upstream, so I fixed it), but still do we want to use the full "LulzBot TAZ Ready" to scroll? This is the first thing the user sees, so maybe it should be short enough not to scroll?

No preference. Whatever you think looks good.

@marcio I think I like "TAZ Workhorse Ready" as long as it is all spelled correctly. =)

Please review .144

Updated to .144

Main screen now scrolls "Lulzbot TAZ ready", about screen says "Lulzbot TAZ," and while printing it scrolls "TAZ Workhorse printing..."

Personally, I think "workkhorse" should be used more than just while printing, but in the mean time it's way better than before.

The reason it says "TAZ Workhorse printing..." is because this is in the start GCODE.

In the FW, "Lulzbot TAZ" is used throughout for the printer name because "TAZ Workhorse" is too long too fit in the about/startup screen.

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I think we can close this as resolved correct?

I'm okay with it

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