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Verify FW on Redgum with Accessory Tool Heads
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We are expecting new firmware Monday for the Redgum Printers. We are considering this our RC for the upcoming release.

We need to verify for each tool head:
Wipe Location
Probing Properly
Run a Benchy on Standard
-Tests start gcode, endgcode, quality

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karrad created this task.Jul 12 2019, 2:21 PM
karrad triaged this task as Normal priority.
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karrad added a subscriber: Steven.Jul 12 2019, 2:27 PM

@adam I have the testing staged for next week, we should expect new firmware on Monday.

Get the individual testing tickets assigned to internal beta users, and get an update to @Steven on monday with results

adam added a comment.Jul 15 2019, 11:35 AM

Standard HE tool head looks good. Display shows what it should, probing and wiping are dead on, no gotchas with temperature or filament changes, and splash screen looks good.

There's a bit of stringing and a couple small voids (looks like z seam start and end points)

Cleared cache and rebuilt master today @anolen @hanna are the latest and greatest PLA workhorse profiles pushed to 3.6.15? Honestly, I'm happy with this benchy even with the stringing.

The new redgum PLA profiles are ready to be pushed and hopefully will be done today!

Actually, I just finished pushing those. For reference: T8776

for reference I would prefer people not to use lime green (dark green is fine) or white material for profile testing and verification. I do not know why yet but I have the most problems with gaping and stringing with those two colors across different materials. @adam, would you mind reprinting in a different color to confirm?

@anolen with lulzbot green being our first print color and company brand, we will want to be sure to nail that color down as well. Can you post a couple additional photos of the issues you are seeing?

@karrad I would need to run those on lulz green materials and tests again, I already mixed/purged my print samples. I do not have any Lulz green material for abs or pla here right now but ill order some. Would you like the pla profiles to be made with green in the future?
There wont be much of a difference, I am not concerned, just wanted to see it in another color to confirm it wasn't environmental or old profile.

@anolen I don't expect there to be much difference either, I just wanted to ensure we are not pointing individuals away from using our recommended color/material.

This was more about your above comment regarding the lime green color being worse. (The gaping part is what concerned me)

adam closed this task as Resolved.

Verified that .144 works with all accessory tool heads. Shipping Workhorse printers with .144