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Hotend temp doesn't show when manually set.
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It appears the hot end temp doesn't show the target value when you manually set it, meaning what it's supposed to be headed towards, The heat bed shows it. Maybe I'm missing something. I searched tickets and couldn't find if this has been addressed yet, I apologize if this has been covered.

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karrad added a subscriber: karrad.Apr 28 2017, 3:36 PM

@mosborne can you give us some more details on how to replicate the process? We are showing 75c in that screen shot.

I mean the target temperature. See the bed target to the right. When you set a temp it shows there where it's headed, there's no hot end target when you manually set a temperature.

@TyTh ahh, thank you that is much clearer. So you would like a "target temp" box for the extruder like with the bed? Highlighted here:

Yes I think it would be a good thing to have.

@mcoronado, @mosborne : Please test and close this bug if proposed solution is what we want.

the location and look of the target temps are fine. They don't seem to be connected to the profile. still read 0°c

@mcoronado : You need to heat extruder. Into Select temperature enter desired temperature and press "Heat extruder" button. Same with build plate temepature, but button is "Heat bed".

@efilenko ok, thank you. To be clear, the target temps will not be displayed for print profiles, correct? They'll only be shown for temps manually set?

@mcoronado: I am not the right person to ask, this is what do I see from code. Who should we ask?

@mosborne @nickp do you want the profiles temps to be shown in the above highlighted area, or ONLY have that show up when a manual temp is set.

@karrad I guess if the value to the right is NOT shown, it's proof they're using a default profile. So it might actually be helpful for it to only show when manually set as a troubleshooting tool.

@karrad @mosborne It might be helpful to see what the target temp is for default profiles, then be able to adjust accordingly if desired. Let's get @efilenko a decision so we can close the task.

@mcoronado In my mind, this one is completely up to support. They are the ones who will be interacting with customers on the fone so I feel their opinion is very weighted on this ticket. @nickp what is your thoughts on this?

I'm with Matt on this one. Would be a good tell for default profiles being used or not.

So we want to see a target temp only if one is manually set, otherwise leave as 0°C for both hotend target temp and build plate target temp, correct?

I guess that would work, that or either showing no number at all. Showing 0C might cause confusion with newer users, but I don't know how complicated removing altogether it would be.

@mosborne I was wondering about that too. So ideally target temps only show when manually input for hotend and buildplate, otherwise leave blank.
@efilenko is this something you can take care of?

I will check now.

@mosborne @mcoronado Please, verify if solution is what do we want. If temperature is 0 ( 0 comes from default value in I don't show it. If temperature is set value between 1 and 300 than we show it.

Yes, I think this is a good idea...If you can make that work code-wise, meaning no target value when using a default profile, I think it would be great as a "tell" to know when customers are manually setting their temps and when they are not. It will help troubleshooting, because that will be one of the most common screenshots we'll get and we'll know immediately if they are working with our default profile for the given filament, or if they're messing around with the temps and tinkering where they (maybe) shouldn't be. But if "0C" means the same thing, we can work with that as well, I just know from experience, that newbie customers will most likely be confused if both values say 0C when they start a quickprint. If it's feasible, I think that's what we'd like.

@mosborne : Looking into it now

@mosborne @mcoronado Removed zero, now it is just empty. Please, verify

@efilenko Per @karrad I'll defer this one to tech support to verify.

mosborne added a comment.EditedMay 25 2017, 7:45 AM

@efilenko That looks better, but I'm getting a bit confused. The request never had to do with the Celsius in the "set" text box, it was more about the target number to the right of it. For example right now I'm doing a woodfill test print of our current testing profiles, and the build plate says its at 60C but the number next to it says 0C.

I did not set any temps, I just clicked print, the profile already knows the temperatures. It could have something to do with the fact it's a testing profile, but I've seen the same with other profiles and filaments with Cura 2. It's the number that I've pointed out in the screenshot. We'd like those numbers to show the target temp, and then if possible not show at all when using a built in "quickprint" profile.

Hello all,

We want the temp to show actual temps being used in that field. Even with whatever profile is being used, it should show the customer the actual temperature!

Sorry for all the confusion here,

@nickp and @mosborne: Ok, I am working on it now.

Please take a look at image below. This is when printer working and target temperature is set.

@nickp and @mosborne: Please, look at previous comments. Is everything looks ok here? To show actual temperature we have to connect printer.

Below what do we have is printer disconnected after Heat extruder and build plate were accomplished.

And next picture is when we just started printer but not connected yet:

Would you like to remove red 0C on the picture below and move back green 0C back ?

What other changes are needed, based on pictured cases I added?


So picture 1: Shows correct target values for setting temps, and missing them slightly which isn't concerning

Picture 2: Cooling

Picture 3: I guess that's fine?

Picture 4: There's no model loaded, no print in progress, but if that what we'll see where a customer users a built in profile, we can live with it.

The whole point from the beginning was that the target values (the small black letters to the left) weren't working properly. Then it turned into a troubleshooting idea to have NO value show if a customer is using a default profile.

  • to the RIGHT not the left, apologies!

@mosborne and @mcoronado: Loading model would not matter. The temperature comes from actual printer. If printer is not connected it show just 0C. Please, decide, if I need to do anything else here., if not, please close this bug.

mosborne closed this task as Resolved.May 26 2017, 4:00 PM