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Hibiscus and Kangaroo Paw adjustable x-belt tensioner
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The x-belt tensioner on the Mini 2 is still causing problems in production and it seems to not be holding tension over the burn in. I noticed that the assemblers are having to adjust the belt tension (especially for the x) three times, 1 in final and 2 in calibration. They are also still ripping the belts in large quantities.

The previous ticket, T3450, was closed as wont fix because it was mentioned that the assemblers were use to it. This is a problem in that we have a hole new team building Minis and it requires significant experience in order to properly tension the belts with out damaging either the printer or the belt.

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oliver created this task.Jul 15 2019, 8:33 AM
oliver triaged this task as High priority.
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west added a comment.Jul 16 2019, 8:14 AM

Is there a CO?

@west -there was a change open way back when and it was decided at that time to no move forward with it. It has been reopened to reconsider


I cannot see T3450 in order to check the history on this. I believe I recall that being closed as we were struggling to hit demand at the time and it was determined the change at the time would hurt that temporarily, which we wanted to avoid. If it is still an issue and we are at a better place to handle it now, that seems like a good thing for CO.

we can definitely change this if that is what we decide we want to do

the old files that were created for this change before are in the testing branch of hibiscus, x belt mount and adjustable belt tensioner

I still have a mini 2 on my desk with the test belt tensioner and I have had no problems nor have I seen it loose any tension since I first installed it.

All of F-pod in cluster also has them, in addition to Z belt tensioners, Y Belt tensioners, dual sheer Z-lowers, and reinforced Z-uppers. The Mini 2 on my desk is the same and runs amazingly also.

Okay will work on getting this change order reopened then.

after talking with Christian, We would like to get this done and kranagroo paw and then will Roll it into Mini 2.

@tutley We have a change order set up, but not sure what the status of the parts are or if there is a different route we want to take on this one. Would you be able to look into this

these parts worked pretty well and were about to be rolled into production, however the assemblers at the time had just gotten used to the current method and it was deemed a "wont fix" because it would take them time to learn a new method which would then slow down production.
I think there is probably room for improvement on these parts but they have been installed on all of Fpod in cluster plus some machines around the building and as far as i know none of them have had the belts loosen up or anything. So these could probably be rolled into production as is

logan added a comment.Mon, Aug 26, 2:39 PM

@oliver also took a look at the gap measurement data that we had and determined the size of the slots on the latest rev of parts should work well with the distribution of belt thicknesses that we receive. So I agree that this is ready to move forward and should be implemented in time for kpaw production.

This is from the old ticket so there are already existing slices for this

T3166 = x belt mount production slice request : 0a32d45a58be
T3167 = y belt mount production slice request : 1e1efcdcb825
T3168 = adjustable belt tensioner production slice request : b6f87950bf5d

@logan can i get 7x sets of these printed from the cluster to install on the alphas and prototypes here in R&D?

logan added a comment.Fri, Aug 30, 3:57 PM

@tutley those dont appear to be the correct versions. The latest versions that I can find from commit history are:
PP-GP0349 - X Belt Mount v0.6
PP-GP0350 - Y Belt Mount v6.1
PP-GP0351 - Adjustable belt tensioner v2.2

On Tuesday I will locate those models, slice them, and push everything to a new branch. Sorry for the delay here, but we should be able to get these to you by Wednesday.

logan added a comment.Tue, Sep 3, 1:26 PM

@tutley These are printing in the cluster right now, all of the files have been updated to T8767 branch of kpaw

tutley added a comment.Tue, Sep 3, 1:29 PM

sounds good! can you send 7x sets to rockies to update the 3 prototype units and the 4x alpha units here?

logan added a comment.Tue, Sep 3, 1:32 PM

Sure thing, provided the test slice is good I will have 7 sets to send you, should be done today and over to you by tomorrow

tutley added a comment.Tue, Sep 3, 1:50 PM

thank you!

tutley added a comment.Fri, Sep 6, 9:50 AM

These are installed on all 7x machines here in R&D

@tutley Any issues with install?

If not I can remove the TEST prefix from the gcode files, push to cluster, and this one would be ready to merge.

@logan let us know if you push this to Cluster, so that we can identify the part on our board and make a place for reserve. Inventory will have to make a location for it also. I assume that it will be a part number change? We will have to check back stock and see when you want to roll in on the production floor. Also and updated OHAI?

@logan i had no issues installing these

logan added a comment.Tue, Sep 10, 2:42 PM

@david.hall Sorry, I meant ready to merge for Bio. For Hibiscus this is going through change order.
Once I push these files to cluster I will let you know, no part number changes from what was created before for T3450
OHAI updates for Hibiscus will be done when that is assigned as a deliverable on the change order. Bio OHAI will likely start getting filled out next week.

logan added a comment.Tue, Sep 10, 2:42 PM

@tutley Sweet, I will get these pushed. Thanks!

logan moved this task from Backlog to Needs Review on the kangaroo-paw board.Fri, Sep 13, 8:55 AM
logan reassigned this task from tutley to Steven.

@Steven T8767 branch of kpaw is ready for review and merge to master
Since this ticket discusses Hibiscus as well, the kpaw project tag can just be removed after the merge.

Steven reassigned this task from Steven to DaniAO.

@logan this is now merged into master for kpaw and I removed the kpaw tag. I'm not quite sure where the change order is on this so assigning over to you @DaniAO