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Inova 1800 Fan Settings
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I worked with a customer on ticket 207,963. They are trying to print Inova 1800 using the TAZ 6 with Aerostruder. When they start the print they get the Thermal Runaway error. I have checked the settings and it appears that the fan settings are set to 100% (Regular Fan Speed and Maximum Fan Speed) throughout the duration of the print. The customer moved over the ngen profile and has had success so far. The ngen profile has their speeds set at 100 % Fan Speed, Regular Fan Speed 40%, Maximum Fan Speed 60%..

Can we re examine the fan settings and maybe lower them to prevent thermal runaway from occurring?

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I had this problem with TAZ 6 and Aerostruder and the solution was to put a E3D silicone sock on the hotend. I assumed the heat reflecting off the build plate and the higher temp of the Inova 1800 was causing the hotend to overheat (I found others with similar issues in other forums) - the sock 100% fixed this with all higher temp material.

EDIT: This is what I used and works like a champ -

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