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Inova1800 causes thermal runaway on standard setting For Taz6
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Talking with a customer, he was having problem after problem with his Taz6 running Inova 1800. We swapped tool heads and thermistors and then finally went to another printer, with similar results. 2 Min temps and several thermal runaways until we changed profiles to nGen and adjusted the settings. Then the print would do fine.
Can we confirm this issue?

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A few questions:

Which Toolhead was this happening with? What version of Cura was this person using? And what firmware was it running on?

With this additional information I will try to reproduce the problem.

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I know this doesn't mention what toolhead, but in T8768 I mentioned that I had this problem on a TAZ 6 with Aerostruder and Inova 1800 specifically and that in other forums others experienced thermal runaway too with higher temp materials (with Aerostruder). The solution was to put an E3D silicone sock over the hotend and all problems went away. From what I recall heat deflecting off the bed and I guess getting trapped against the hotend and increasing it's temp for high temp materials was the root cause. Just FYI if it helps.

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Without knowing the Cura version I can't confirm the specific issue. But what I can do is go over the Inova 1800 Profiles made for the Taz 6 Machines and adjust the profiles to better cool the lower layers and prevent that heat from building up.
I will update this ticket when I have altered and confirmed profiles ready in Cura for ya'll to update.