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Initial stocking MO - HE Tool head
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Create/process/ship initial stocking order

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adam created this task.Jul 22 2019, 10:04 AM
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@Heather I believe we are trying to keep stock at AM for the time being. I feel 100 units for intial order should be a good starting point.

adam added a comment.Aug 12 2019, 10:28 AM

@karrad we have no way to store that many. Maybe 20, but more realistically 10.

@adam I know we have ~15 on Quotes from sales, and i believe we will be adding it to education bundles for workhorse as well. Do we want to consider some stock at a SW location? 10-20 will not cover us for more than 1week once sales gets the go ahead to send these out in force.

Going to plug the inital MR for 100 units. @MichaelM , please do not build full 100 units right away.

@karrad Just fyi, it's already on the Workhorse standard bundle but I am unsure of the number that have actually been purchased/sold. This is a highly requested item from a fair number of customers, especially for industrial customers who want to have a backup for their Workhorse.

Can I get an eta on when we will have these in stock and available for shipment please? Thanks!

@gyukish Get us a number that has been sold, and we can try to get that number expedited.

@karrad I cannot find any confirmed sales orders with this on it. Since we just created this product code, it wasn't something that we could actively sell. Based on the number of requests for it, I can confidently say we'd be able to sell 10-20 quite rapidly and then proceed from there since it's on the education bundle and we're heading into education buying season.

@gyukish As these are a current manufacturing item, we will have small qtys available pretty much immediately.

@karrad Excellent. I will have people quote a 1 week lead time, if that sounds fair to you, just to be safe but I think we can expect these to start rolling in shortly once I make the announcement.

@Heather Can we get confirmation that the original MR of 100 was placed? If so, we are good to close this ticket.

Heather closed this task as Resolved.Aug 27 2019, 8:18 AM

The MR for this item has already been split into 5 20pc MO's

We will be able to build them as soon as we get the Labels (DC-LB0194) & (DC-LB0195) and the one part we are missing (PP-MP0204).

Oh and a OHAI

adam reopened this task as Open.Mon, Sep 16, 1:55 PM
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@MichaelM can you let me know when the first of these will be produced? AFAIK we have the stickers in house.

adam closed this task as Resolved.Mon, Sep 16, 3:51 PM

@MichaelM first 20 are finished - nm on this