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Add Step about Adjusting the Z-Height to Guides for Installing Newer Toolheads on the TAZ 5
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In the OHAI for installing the V3 Dual Extruder on a TAZ 5 we added a note to the bottom of Step 17 saying that if they were having difficulty getting their new toolhead close enough to the build plate that they could remove the washer and spring to help them lower their thumbscrew more. We run into the same issue with the other new toolheads on occasion and have been using the same resolution with other styles of toolhead. It would be helpful if we could add an equivalent to Step 17 to the other OHAIs for installing newer style toolheads on a TAZ 5. This would head this question off at the pass and help prevent customers from needing to contact tech support when installing their new toolhead which would improve their overall experience with switching their toolhead.

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