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Marlin in different languages
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@marcio Is there a function within marlin that auto-translates the LCD display?

We are looking at needing German, French, and Spanish particularly

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karrad created this task.Fri, Jul 26, 10:27 AM
karrad created this object with edit policy "Marlin (Project)".

Only in the GLCD products, not TAZ Pro or the Bioprinter as the color touch panel does not have localization capabilities.

With GLCD, the capability and translations to several languages exist, but each language would require a new set of FW.

karrad added a subscriber: alexei.Mon, Jul 29, 3:39 PM

@marcio Thanks for the info, we appreciate it.

@alexei As far as Cura goes, this would require machine and profile duplication for all printer and tool head combinations correct?

As for machine addition, I suspect we can add a new modifier for machine addition to select a language?