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EL-MS0380 Cable Chain for Pro X-Axis Harness
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Part Number: EL-MS0380

Part Description: The links used in the cable chain that supports the X-Axis wiring on TAZ Pro

Is it marked as can be sold? No

Is there a price set? No

Has this items been requested enough that it needs to have a retail kit set up for it? No, but I ran into a customer who had a link break so I need to RMA a new link. Might be good to make a part for a single link that we can use in RMA's. Thanks!

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@Galadriel These cable chains come in pre-assembled, so we do not currently have spare links on hand.

@jperry Can you reach out and see if we can get some single links in house for the occasions like this?

karrad added a subscriber: MikeR.Aug 1 2019, 3:58 PM

@Galadriel Speaking with @MikeR , we have a spare down in MER we can send out for this RMA while we get some in house.

@jperry As we are needing to get a new purchased component in house for this, I do not want to create the PN. When you generate one, can you update this ticket so we can get it on a SO for the customer?

jperry added a comment.Aug 2 2019, 2:07 PM

I've created part HD-CB0001 for the base unit we order from Igus. These come with 100 total links in the chain. I've also created KT-HR0008 for the kit. Let me know if you would like to see any changes.

@karrad @jperry I was gone all last week so I am just seeing this now. The customer who I needed this part for found an additional issue with their Pro and needed it to be running like that day so he took it back to the brick and mortar where he bought it and swapped it out. We won't need this chain link immediately. I do still think that having some of these available long term for RMA usage is a good idea. Thank you guys for looking into this for me, sorry for the delay in response on my end!

@Galadriel @karrad @adam since we have the retail kit set up, do we want to set it up as available on the website? Obviously this isn't a rush by any means, but something that can be done.

@DaniAO I think that would be a good idea, the part doesn't break often but we do sometimes see the latches on these give out if they are opened and closed too many times so having the option to buy replacements would probably be beneficial.

adam added a comment.Aug 12 2019, 8:27 AM

I don't think we want the kit to be the full 10' chain of links. If we can break it down some, I don't have an issue with putting it on the website although I wouldn't expect to sell many of these.

Aye, I don't think we will be selling many of them and mainly see the issue for RMA's.

@youngmrcarlson Are you getting many requests on the sales side for cable chain links?

@karrad I haven't had any requests for just the links as of yet. At most maybe keep a couple at AM, but I don't think there's a need to have them on the website.

Sounds good, we will leave them off the website for now. Let us know if that changes.

Okay do we need the KT part number then? or are we good to just use the HD-CB part number?

unless we want to send them the entire 10 chain of spare links, I think we need a part number that changes the 10' chain to individual links.
@tomc @Kazkade what are your thoughts?

I wanted to follow up on this because we have another customer who had one of these chain links break. In this case it is specifically the end link that is used to mount the chain to the backside of the toolhead mount. Is it possible to get a part made for this so we can send it out for an RMA? Thanks in advance!

KT-HR0008 is being set up as a retail kit with 3 links. I am just waiting on some info. Does this need to be made available on the website?

DaniAO added a subscriber: Heather.Sep 13 2019, 1:03 PM

@Heather @Kazkade we created a retail kit for the links- can you please update the routes for EL-MS0380 and KT_HR0008?


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DaniAO reopened this task as Open.Sep 13 2019, 1:10 PM

@DaniAO Thanks for getting this taken care of! Do you happen to know if the parts in this kit would be able to be used at the end of the chain to mount it to the rest of the printer or does that require a special chain link?

@Galadriel this kit is just for the links them selves. In order to get the mounts, we would need pictures of which side, and then set up new part numbers for those.

for what its worth, the harnesses come to us from Igus per-assemblied with everything needed to install on a printer.

sirah added a subscriber: sirah.Sep 16 2019, 4:00 PM

@DaniAO Hello it appears that the mount end of the chain that is connected to the back of his toolhead is the one that needs to be replaced.

@sirah this is a totally different part that what was originally requested. Are we talking about the same customer?

sirah added a comment.Sep 17 2019, 2:47 PM

@DaniAO Galadriel linked me this telling me it should relate to my customer as well. A customer would like this replacement part as well. I can open up a new ticket for this if you would like.

So the part for this ticket is only the links. If this is for the part that you have picture.. then it will be a new part and we will need a new ticket please.