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Workhorse: Firmware movement limits
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So I have found a bug that will only occur under specific circumstances.

First turn the printer on and let the z-axis go to its home position.

From the LCD auto home the printer. Once the printer has been homed, again through the LCD, start by manually moving the x-axis all the way to its max position. Then while the x-axis is moving, manually move the y-axis to its home position. While the y-axis is moving select the auto home button.

Once the printer has started homing again, manually move the x-axis to its max position. When I do this the distance will roll over to -517mm and will then go to 298 which I believe is the max position for the x-axis. This will cause the x-axis to crash into the right side of the printer until the printer thinks is gotten to its max position. The same can be done for the y-axis.

All of the movements need to be done one right after the other with no pauses in between.

I was able to replicate this on 4 machines. One from production, one from MER, one from product planning and one printer that had been red tagged for an un even skirt. I was using Marlin

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